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Mailbag Monday

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From Joanna F: I received the SurvFilter, but it didn’t come with instructions. I have:

  • White filter
  • Blue squeeze bottle with short piece of tubing
  • Tubing with big, removable black cap
  • Tubing with a blue piece of hard plastic at both ends

What is each of these for? Exactly how do I put them together? Do you have a diagram/image? How do I use it?

Answer: Simply clip the tubing onto the white filter and you can drink just like you’re using a straw. There is more than one tube so you can adjust the length of your straw. The blue squeeze bottle attaches the same way and it is used to squeeze water into a bottle instead of drinking straight from the straw. In other words, just clip whatever you would like to use to the white filter and start drinking.

From Mike C: Many thanks for your wise counsels. I’ve purchased several items from you and am well satisfied. As I was signing up for the TunnelBear app, I researched the company. Several of the developer’s names appear to be Russian. And at least one biography on the website says the employee grew up in Russia. Given all the concern about groups like Kaspersky, and products like Fancy Bear, are we still safe?

Answer: In my opinion, TunnelBear is a trusted and secure VPN that I regularly use when working online. Most importantly, TunnelBear uses strong encryption and doesn’t keep logs of your online activity. Plus, TunnelBear has a so-called internet kill switch that basically means if it loses its connection it will block unsecured traffic until it can reconnect to the internet.

From Jennie W: You’ve done some marketing of the Patriot power supply, i.e. solar power as preparation for when disaster may strike, including EMPs; however, isn’t the potential there for an EMP to fry the electronics and wiring on any solar generator too?

Answer: The thing about an EMP attack is that no one can say for sure which electronics or items would be safe and which would be completely destroyed. When it comes to solar powered generators the actual solar panels themselves would most likely not be damaged. However, the wiring of the generator could potentially be affected, but as I stated, it’s not a guarantee what would survive an EMP attack. With that being said, I think a solar powered generator is a great way to go for any disaster and gives you the best chance for generating power after an EMP attack.

From Ron P: Jason, please include Innovis in the list of credit reporting agencies. I put security freezes on the 3 major credit-reporting agencies, and then I learned about Innovis, a minor agency, but still in the business of credit reporting.

Answer: Most of us are familiar with the big three credit reporting agencies, but if there was a 4th agency to add to those it would Innovis. However, the difference with Innovis is that it usually doesn’t include all of your credit information. It sometimes excludes credit cards such as American Express. Innovis does have most of your personal information so it wouldn’t hurt to add a security freeze with them as well.

From Charles E: I received my order for two SurvFilter devices. I tried to go to as shown on the label and received the response “no website found.” What is the shelf life of the filter?

Answer: The website for the SurvFilter is and that is the website shown on the package so you probably just misread it. As for the shelf life, since the SurvFilter is designed with surgical grade tubing and fibers so it won’t expire if it’s not used. Plus, the filter is designed to filter up to 250 gallons before needing to be replaced. Also, since winter is coming it doesn’t matter if the SurvFilter freezes in your car. It will still work since it’s not made of hollow fiber membranes that can crack when frozen

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