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From Wayne P: The information you’re sharing is great. Most of the information is really common sense actions that people don’t really think about. The tips that you provide tend to apply for people with 100% mobility. What suggestions do you have for people with limited mobility?

Answer: At our Ultimate Spy Week, we just had a gentleman in a wheelchair with little overall function. He was able to train the entire week and did an excellent job. So, if you have little mobility you would still do all of the information I suggest when it comes to protecting your home or when it comes to carrying a weapon to defend yourself such as a gun or a tactical pen. In fact, if you have little mobility and can’t flee quickly, it’s obviously more crucial you always carry something on your person to protect yourself.

From Joseph W: Easiest and most effective way to stop car burglary: get a 12v flashing red light and an on/off switch.  Wire it to the battery; install it on your lower dashboard.

Answer: This is great advice. Most criminals know this means the car has an electronic security system. They may decide it’s not worth the risk of setting off the alarm and move along to an easier car.

From Ed H: Would a sheet of aluminum foil the size of your wallet, inserted next to the outside of your wallet, stop any radio frequencies in or out of your wallet? I read that somewhere online? Is it true?

Answer: If you wrapped each individual card in foil, then yes, this would disrupt any frequencies. The reason I prefer a blocking card is because they have a chip inside them that basically blocks the frequencies nearby. In other words, you don’t need to have a blocking card for each individual credit card. I think it would be a hassle to remove foil each time I wanted to use a card.

From Mary D: How does one put a freeze on a credit rating?

Answer: To place a credit freeze on your credit report you need to contact the three main credit bureaus, which are Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. You can go to each of their websites and they will have instructions on how to place a credit freeze with their company. Remember, once you do this you will need to temporarily remove the freeze each time you apply for credit such as a car loan or new credit card. But, this is the smartest move you can make to protect your personal information and I have had my credit freeze for over 15 years now.

For more detailed instructions, you can see an old post about it here:

From Chris D: ProtonMail offers a VPN for free.

Answer: In June of this year, ProtonMail began offering a VPN for free. However, the free version of their VPN is limited to use in 3 countries and only allows you to use their VPN with one device. Plus, the free version has much slower internet speed than the versions that cost money. So if you are looking for a very basic VPN to use with only one device this isn’t a bad option. Just remember you are limited with the free service. In my opinion it’s worth paying for a better service with more options and faster speeds since most of the good services only cost $50 a year, which isn’t bad at all.


  • Allison W. says:

    I love reading your website and mailbags. I have not seen anything pertaining to defense for the deaf people. I have a female friend that is deaf. I’m worried about her. What if someone breaks in her apartment and she doesn’t hear or wake up? Is there anything that she can do to protect herself from such possible horrendous assault? Thank you

    • Jason Crawford says:

      Hey Allison,

      Jason Hanson and I try our best to share our experience and reach as many people as possible. Unfortunately, we really don’t have a ton of experience with this particular situation. Much of what we discuss is valuable to anyone, despite any disabilities. However, as you’ve noted, some of it is not. I did find a YouTube video about an ADT system specifically for deaf people. It might be worth looking into.

      Best Wishes,

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