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6 Million Without Power- Here’s a Blackout Checklist

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With more than 6 million people without power because of Irma, I want to share with you the short and simple Blackout Checklist below.

I recommend storing these items in a bin or somewhere convenient so you can quickly access them in the event you have to evacuate your home.

Checklist For A Blackout

You and I both know that the majority of people are (unfortunately) unprepared for a power outage, but you don’t have to be…

______ Numerous flashlights (including headlamps) and enough spare batteries to last 7 days

______ Solar battery charger

______ Portable Generator (I use the Sportsman GEN4000LP.)

______ Portable camping stoves (I use the Coleman single burner propane stove and also a Camp Chef stove.)

______ Extra propane canisters to cook enough food for at least one week

______ Enough food storage for at least a week

______ Pots, pans, plates, cups and utensils for eating (including a manual can opener)

______ Deep cycle battery and inverter to charge phones and run other small items

______ Wood pile at your house with an axe to chop wood

______ Matches and Swedish Firesteel

______ Sleeping bags for every family member for the wintertime

______ 7-gallon water jugs plus a water filter (You want at least a week of water for every member of the family. Each member should have 1 gallon per day.)

______ 5-gallon buckets and trash bags in the event the toilets won’t flush

______ Toilet paper

______ Radio to monitor the news (I like the Sony ICF-S10MK2 Pocket Radio)

______ Guns and ammo for self-defense (At least 1 handgun and 1 rifle)

______ First aid kit (with any medications you take)

Like I mentioned, this is a short and simple checklist that you can obviously add to.

However, if you don’t have the items above, please consider working off this checklist and becoming more prepared this weekend.

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