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Mailbag Monday

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From Jan M: Letting your car run in the driveway while it powers your cell phone is an insane idea. You are trading gasoline, which you can’t replenish (gas stations don’t have power either) for electricity that is already in the car’s battery. Almost all cars have an outlet that is wired to the battery or switched on when the ignition is in the accessory/auxiliary position to supply power. Your phone charger will not draw enough power to drain the vehicle battery. Or if vehicle charge is a concern, you could start it every 3-4 hours run it for five minutes and then shut it off. Wouldn’t this be a much better idea?

Answer: This is a good idea. However, you just need to decide what is more important. If you desperately need gas then don’t drain your gas charging the battery. But, if you’ve got plenty of gas and the phone is your number #1 concern then charge the phone. In other words, figure out the highest needs you have and prioritize them.

From Justin L: How much ammo should I stockpile for when the SHTF? Where can I get bulk ammo for cheap? Obviously, I don’t want to sacrifice quality, but I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg either…

Answer: In my opinion, you should stockpile a minimum 2,000 rounds of ammo for an emergency. Now, these 2,000 rounds should obviously be for the caliber of gun you plan on using the most in a survival situation. For example, if you own a Glock 19 as well as a shotgun but plan on using the Glock you should try to stockpile 2,000 rounds of 9mm and maybe a hundred shells for the shotgun. One of the places I’ve purchased ammo at decent prices is Cheaper Than Dirt. This is an online retailer that often times has lower pricing than other places.

From Helen L: How do you store batteries long-term? Is it true that if you keep them in the fridge they’ll last longer? My remote died the other day and when I opened the drawer where I keep extra batteries, I noticed they all had dried white stuff coming out of the ends…

Answer: Unfortunately, it’s a common myth that keeping batteries in the freezer will make them last longer. It actually can do more harm to the batteries and the ideal place to store batteries is in a cool place around 70 degrees. Also, before storing your batteries for the long term you should clean both the positive and negative ends of the battery with a rag. Finally, you should store the batteries in a container where they won’t come in contact with anything else. Basically, when you keep batteries in a drawer they probably come in contact with pens, loose change, and other metal, which can actually damage the battery.

From Ron S: My car has been broken into twice in the last few weeks. Window smashed and everything. The second time there was nothing visible worth stealing but they still went through all the compartments anyway. What can I do to make my car less appealing to thieves? It’s not even a nice car…

Answer: Do you live in Baltimore City, by chance? I lived there for a few years and I was the only person I know who didn’t get their car broken into. One of the most important things you can do is to choose where you park carefully. What I mean is, when possible you should park in a well-lit area where there is as much foot traffic as possible. Basically, the more people who walk by your car the better the chance that a criminal will think it’s too risky to break in. Now, as you mentioned you should never leave anything in your car that could attract a thief. This includes any type of electronic charger or wires because the criminal might think the actual electronic is stored somewhere in the vehicle. Plus, don’t forget that criminals like to steal stereos, so if you can remove the faceplate of the stereo that is a good idea. Also, consider leaving your car doors unlocked. This way, they don’t have to smash a window, they can open the car and see there is nothing valuable to take.

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