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Mailbag Monday

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From Lisa K: My son has had his apartment broken into just recently. The building does not have security cameras anywhere on the property. My son has installed a camera outside his door that links to his TV and his cellphone. He has also ordered a security system from SimpliSafe. Do you have any other suggestions or advice?

Answer: In addition to what he’s done (which is great), I would recommend changing the locks to Schlage or Medeco if the apartment manager will allow him to. Plus, I would add window locks or place pieces of wood in the windows so they can’t be opened. Finally, remind him to keep the curtains in the apartment closed so no one can see inside. Oftentimes with apartments criminals will simply walk past windows to see if it looks like anyone is home.

From Sam W: Your thoughts on 10 mm v .45 caliber…

Answer: I personally would go with a .45 caliber over a 10mm. The thing is, .45 caliber is a much more common round and when it comes to buying ammo it will be easier to stock up on .45. Another thing, while it’s a small difference, the recoil of the 10mm round is stronger than a .45, which you will notice if you spend a day shooting. Now, I know that 10mm can deliver similar power as a .45 in a smaller gun so if that’s strictly what you’re looking for than 10mm is what you would want.

From Adam M: You’ve written a lot about revolvers lately… What’s the best semi-auto out there in your opinion? Do you have a favorite shotgun?

Answer: When it comes to the best semi-auto this is difficult to answer because I think everyone should find the best gun for them. However, I am a fan of Sig Sauer such as the P226 or the new P320. As for shotguns, I like the Remington 870.

From Charlie S: Will respirators work if North Korea drops a nuke on us and I have to go outside? Or would a gas mask be better?

Answer: If you have to go outside a full-face gas mask would be better than a respirator or small mask that only covers your mouth and nose. Ideally, even when wearing a gas mask you want to limit your exposure because gas masks can fail if they don’t fit perfectly on your face. Even having facial hair can prevent a gas mask from fitting right so you need to be cautious even with a mask. Also, you should have multiple filters for the gas mask and remember to update them because the filters do expire.

From Robert G: I tried using Tunnel Bear as you suggested, but each time I started it (even though it was supposed to start automatically when I started my pc) in a few minutes it was disconnected. I finally gave up an uninstalled it.

Answer: I’ve never had this issue but I would reach out to their customer service and see what they say. Since you uninstalled it, I would install it again to see if that makes any difference too.


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