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I recently received an email from Fox News.  They wanted to know what they could learn from people in the survival industry about storage in the home.  Obviously, if you’re prepared for disaster situations, you will be storing a lot of stuff.  Flashlights, food storage, emergency water, and defense tools just to name the basics.  You may even have generators and emergency medical supplies if you’re really prepared.

storing food at home

If you take your security seriously, you may be wondering “Where does it all go?”

It can be tough, especially if you’re restricted to a smaller home or apartment.  Unless you have a purpose-built home, storage space may not be setup to handle everything you own.  You may have to get a little creative just to store all of your items, much less keep them accessible.

It’s also worth taking a moment to understand how important storage is in your preparedness plan.  There’s a fine line between being prepared and being a hoarder.  Being prepared means being able to get the items you’re looking for, not just having them.

Have you ever gone to find something, only to realize it would be easier to run to the store and buy a new one than to dig through all this junk?  If so, you know what I’m talking about.

Storing The Stuff You Need To Survive

When we prepare, we need to do so in a structured manner.  When storing items, I look at items based on the amount of time I will have to get them when I need them.

For example, my flashlight and pistol are within arms reach when I sleep.  This is because life and death situations are decided in 2 seconds or less.  I may wake up in the middle of the night to find someone coming up my steps and only have a few seconds to react.

Other light sources for the rest of my family are pretty easy to get to as well.  When the lights go out, everyone needs to be able to see in order to initiate our disaster plan.  Everyone has a role, and I don’t need them getting injured while trying to do their job.

Long-term storage of food and water can be someplace that would take a bit more time to get to, but it shouldn’t be so lost that I start thinking it’s easier to go to the store.  Essentially, there needs to be a plan for storing gear based on how likely you are to need something and how quickly you will need it if you need it.

 Storage Tips

As I mentioned earlier, Fox News contacted me for some tips on setting up your home for storage.  I gave them a few ideas and others shared some other great ideas.  To see what others and I recommended, check out their article on home storage solutions.



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