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Mailbag Monday

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From Chuck C: Propane heaters for your home… What about carbon dioxide?

Answer: Some propane heaters such as the “Mr. Heater Buddy Heater” are said to be safe for indoor use by the manufacturer. The reason is because this specific heater has an oxygen depletion sensor, which will shut the heater off if the oxygen levels inside the room become dangerous. This heater also has an automatic shut off if the heater is tipped over. Now, even though a heater is rated for indoor use, I would be cautious when using it indoors and never leave it unattended. But I have personally used the Mr. Buddy Heater indoors before.

From Nils: How do you feel about signage? Apart from camera, ADT and beware of dog, do you want to advertise, “insured by Smith & Wesson” or “trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again”?

Answer: A sign like the one you mentioned basically tells people you have firearms, which is good and bad. Of course, a criminal will probably think twice before breaking into your home in the middle of the night because they know you are most likely armed. However, the drawback is criminals will know that they can steal guns from your home so they may be more likely to break into your home when you are gone. For example, some biker gangs acquire firearms by following people home from gun shops and then watching the house until the victim leaves. Then they can break in and steal their guns while no one is home. So, in my opinion, I wouldn’t put out signs advertising you have guns because it may actually entice some criminals. Plus, if you do have to use a gun to defend yourself in your home, you don’t want to give some liberal prosecutor more to come after you with since you have a gun sign on your house. (In other words, I’d just stick with an alarm sign and beware of dog sign.)

From Brenda H: Two questions: Do you need to have one card in front of your credit cards, and a second one behind your credit cards?

Answer: The way our RFID blocking card works you only need one card in your wallet or purse. It will block the frequency of the cards in your immediate area and will protect all of your cards using a special E-field technology. No batteries or charging are needed for the card and all you do is put it in your wallet and you’re protected from electronic pick pocketing.

From Karen S: I enjoyed your recent article on Baofeng radios. My questions: Can Baofeng radios be used to monitor local police communications? If not, can you recommend a different (battery operated) radio that could be used to do this? I’m thinking it might be useful if the SHTF to be able to monitor local police activity. Also, how can I discover what frequencies the local police (and/or fire departments) are using to communicate?

Answer: The Baofeng UV-5R can be used as a police scanner but it does need to be programmed for your specific location. So, you would need to program the frequency of your local police department into the radio. You can find many public safety radio frequencies by going to However, remember that it’s illegal to transmit on a public safety channel so you should be cautious if you decide to scan police frequencies.

Additional Answer by Jason Crawford: If you have an IOS or Android device, you can use the 5-0 Police Scanner App on your phone or tablet.  I use this app on occasion to see what is really going on with breaking news across the country.  You can get the app here:

link for iPhone

link for Android

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