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Mailbag Monday

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From Brian B: What do you recommend as a good pistol to get and what is best caliber size? I’m not worried about concealment, just stopping anyone who breaks into the house. I want something that will work, not a lot of fancy toys. Thanks for your time.

Answer: The short answer is a Glock 19. It’s a great gun and easy to use. I own two of them. However, definitely shoot it first at a range and make sure you like it and that it’s comfortable for you.

From John O: My Mother and Father are elderly, disabled and living in an “old folks” trailer park. My father was quite the outdoorsman in his day. He is well aware of the perilous times we now find ourselves. He is quite frustrated looking for advice for defense and survival for those in his situation. Most survivalist and peppers write them off as doomed. They live in desert, no vehicle and no way of ‘bugging out.’ Should they just say goodbye to each other and wait for it?

Answer: In my opinion, sheltering in place is always the best option and bugging out comes secondary. So, I would recommend building up at least 30 days of food and water storage in their trailer, which would hopefully provide enough time until help arrived. In addition, I would do anything possible to reinforce the trailer from criminals and natural disasters. Again, I understand that this might not be easy but I would reinforce the skirting around the bottom of the mobile home and have plywood ready to cover the windows if needed. Of course, they should also have a firearm so that if someone tries to kick down the trailer door they can defend themselves.

From an anonymous person: I think you mentioned something about waist wallets in one of your emails. Which one do you recommend?

Answer: I personally use the Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet, which goes around your belt and sits inside your pants. This costs around $15 on Amazon and is perfect for traveling because it goes inside your pants so criminals can’t grab it or cut it loose from you.

From Jay R: What do you do and where do you go when you live in the desert and temperatures can routinely reach 110 degrees or higher? Recently had a power outage for nearly 24 hours and it was hard on me. I have emergency food and water but no emergency A/C, which is what you really need to stay alive. I have health issues and keep an extra supply of insulin on hand, but it needs to be refrigerated. Do I need to get a generator? If so, what type and size?

Answer: I would consider a generator that will at least run your refrigerator and your A/C. I also recommend a propane generator since you have store propane indefinitely (unlike gas.) Since I don’t know the size of your AC unit, I can’t say what size generator you’d need, but the generator I own is the Sportsman GEN4000LP.

From Ken W: Any recommendations for bear spray to carry in the car?

Answer: I would look into the Frontiersman bear spray. This sells for around $30 on Amazon and is made by Sabre, which is a well-known pepper and bear spray manufacturer. The Frontiersman model meets all government regulations and can be used at a distance of about 30 feet.

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