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Mailbag Monday

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From Robert S: As a security expert, especially on workplace violence, you are 100% on the mark with this article. Unfortunately, most people will ignore the warning signs or when passed along management will ignore them and not act on them. Keep up the great work.

Answer: Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, you are right that far too many people will ignore the warning signs of workplace violence. However, hopefully, more people will remember that it’s always better to err on the side of caution and I know a lot of police departments are using the term, “if you see something, say something,” which is exactly what we need to do in today’s world.

From Larry L: This email is great! I have purchased a number of tactical pens from other survival sites and I have one on me at work and everywhere I go. How does your tactical pen differ? Thank you for your time and being a great resource for me!

Answer: The biggest difference between my tactical pen and others is the fact that the one I use is incredibly durable. If you visit you will see the ice block video where I use my tactical pen to hammer through an ice block. The fact is, you get what you pay for so while you will see tactical pens for less money they will fall apart and most likely break if tested like we have done.

From Sonja T: I just received my Tactical Pen a few days ago, and today I received an email offering me a Titanium Tactical Pen for $100. What is the difference?

Answer: The difference between our regular tactical pen and the titanium tactical pen is the material used to make the titanium pen. While both are incredibly strong, the titanium used to make the tactical pen is Grade 5 titanium, which is the same titanium used to make armor plates that stop bullets. Not only is it stronger but also resistant to corrosion and lighter than the most tactical pens.

From Sam S: I know you’re not a fan, but if you do have to use social media, what are some ways to protect your information?

Answer: While I personally don’t use social media I completely understand why most people do so they can stay in touch with family and friends. With that being, said you need to exercise caution with what information you share on social media. For example, I have a family member who constantly checks in on Facebook anytime she’s away from home. So anyone can see when she is out to dinner or if she’s out shopping. All a criminal would need to do is wait until she checks in somewhere and then they could easily burglarize her home. So, never share where you are because you never know who could use this as an opportunity. Second, always check your privacy settings and make sure you’re only sharing information with the people you want such as those are your friends list. Finally, don’t post your real birthday or where you went to school or those types of facts if you are using them in passwords (I hope you aren’t) because hackers can use that information to get into your accounts.

From Edward M: Please tell me how I can detect a GPS tracking device on my vehicle…

Answer: The simplest way to detect a tracking device is by using an electronic sweeper that detects the cellular signal from the GPS. Now, these devices can be very expensive so if that’s not something you want to purchase I would recommend contacting a local private investigator. You could ask them how much it would cost for them to sweep your car for a GPS tracker. If you aren’t too concerned and don’t want to pay someone you can check the most frequent areas of your vehicle for trackers. You would need to check wheel wells, bumpers and the undercarriage of your car. In addition, you would want to check glove boxes, under all the seats, and basically anywhere on the interior that someone might hide a tracker.

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