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Mailbag Monday

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From John P: I have a friend who used to work for FEMA and reads something like your survival email. Now he is nervous wreck and developed anxiety and IBS. Scaring people, the gold madness, etc.…

Answer: While some people try to use scare tactics I have zero desire to do that. I believe we are sharing important survival & safety skills that could potentially save your life and that give you peace of mind. A perfect example is with all the latest terrorists attacks I believe it’s critical to be vigilant anytime you are in a crowded place, however I don’t think it should prevent you from enjoying yourself and attending events.

From Calvin R: Does this mean to that even a felon can carry this?

Answer: To be clear, I’m not a lawyer but when it comes to carrying knives such as the NOC Knife these laws are regulated by the states. However, if a convicted felon is caught with a knife it may be considered a deadly weapon depending on the state, the crime they were convicted of, and the circumstances surrounding their individual case.

From Norm D: What I’d really like to buy from you is new ink cartridges for the three pens I already own. One has run out of ink and the others have that destiny…

Answer: The tactical spy pen uses a standard ink refill that you can purchase at any office supply store. I would take the pen with you and make sure you find one that fits. In the past, I’ve used Parker Quinkflow Ballpoints, size 1.2mm medium refills.

From Bruce B: About that survival bag for cars… You overlooked something. How many people are in the car at a time? They EACH need a space blanket, MREs, compass, whistle, and water purification tablets…

Answer: Ideally, if you have a family you would like to have a bag for each member. This is why I have a bag for myself, my wife, and each of my kids.

From Jim F: I would like your advice on night vision scopes, etc. I live on a ranch and somewhat remote and think that night vision would be useful in protecting the place at night.

Answer: Night vision scopes would be useful in a situation such as yours but the thing is this is the type of gear you don’t want to go cheap on. What I mean is, for a quality night vision scope you will be spending at least $2,000 and that’s probably on the low end. I would look into the Armasight brand of scopes. They offer different options depending on how much you want to spend. Like any add on to a gun you need to train with the scope and know how to properly use it if you ever had to defend yourself.

From Gabe P: My wife and I are retired and are about to take a long trip in our new RV. Although I own several guns, I am reluctant to take them along. What can you recommend as the best non-lethal method of self-defense?

Answer: I would consider purchasing a self-defense stun-gun flashlight. The great thing about this is that it can be used as a regular flashlight, which would blend in since you are traveling and staying in your RV. However, if you were walking around at night and encountered a dangerous person you could easily use the stun gun to hopefully get them to leave you alone. In addition to the flashlight, I would also carry a tactical pen with you anywhere you go.

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