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Mailbag Monday

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From Dan B: ROFLMAO…good one! $500 for a knife?? WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING???

Answer: If you’re the type of person that spends $10 on a knife at Wal-Mart and all you do is open boxes, then the NOC Knife is definitely not for you. This knife was created for intelligence officers who work overseas alone and has top of the line components. If you haven’t watched the videos of what this knife can do I hope you watch them so you can see what this knife can withstand. Most knives wouldn’t be able to hold up to the tests that we put the NOC Knife through because we currently have people who are betting their lives on this knife overseas. See the NOC Knife torture test videos here.

From Bill W: I have a ballistic panel in my backpack. Do you have any experience/feedback on going through airport security with one?

Answer: I’ve traveled through airport security with my bulletproof insert and never had any issues. It’s perfectly legal to travel with.

From Patrick: I took your advice and downloaded TunnelBear last night. I loaded the free app first and saw it was huge so I purchased the unlimited version. The Tbear didn’t upgrade me & states I’ve used up all my 500 meg BEFORE I even started? Just loading their software counted in the pipe usage! Now all my systems are locked or incredibly slow. I went online for support and the site stated someone would get back to me in 24 hrs…

Answer: I haven’t had any issues with TunnelBear so I’m surprised to hear about the problems. I simply signed up for the yearly service and everything has worked well for me.

From Bill M: Re: Violent attacks on the Rise in the U.S. Wake up my friend, they are inside jobs whether you want to believe it or not.

Answer: Well… I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the intelligence I get is likely better than yours (unless you have teams of intelligence officers all over the world.) Our biggest threats these days are terrorists, North Korea, China, and Russia.

From Nils M: NOC Knife. No ring guard, which makes it less effective then Emerson Gentleman Jim as a fighting knife.

Answer: The Emerson is a quality folding knife but the thing about the NOC Knife is that it’s truly a survival and self-defense knife. When we designed the NOC Knife we wanted to produce the best all around knife for any situation. Folding knives are terrible in survival situations because they can easily break, which is why you always want a fixed-blade knife for a crisis situation.

From John R: I have an open carry permit and I’ll put my 1911 up against a knife any day in the week. What’s up with the big push for knives?

Answer: I would much rather carry a gun than a knife for self-defense so I completely understand what you mean. With that being said, a knife can serve a lot of purposes and can save your life in a survival situation. In other words, a knife is more versatile and if I could only have one item with me in an emergency situation I would choose a knife over a gun.

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