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Within Arms Reach – The Basics On Improvised Weapons

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Life is not fair. Life is unpredictable. Let it be known that bad things can happen to good people at anytime. It makes sense to be ready for the storms that life throws our way. Violence is one of those storms, and it can crash into our lives without warning. Not fair, nor predictable, but sometimes it’s inevitable.

Without your everyday carry

For some people, firearms are their weapons of choice to protect against violence. For others who cannot or choose not to have a CCW permit, knives, pepper sprays, survival key chains and tactical pens make sense. Regardless of your preferred EDC (Every Day Carry) weapon, there will be times when you’re without it.

Restrictive concealed carry states, courthouses, airports, stadiums, nightclubs, schools, and even some private businesses restrict the carry of weapons. Summer wear or tight clothing (when are those skinny jeans going to go out of style?) make concealment and carry challenging. Finally, many hostile situations occur so quickly that drawing your weapon in time may be impossible. All this makes learning to use improvised weapons for self-defense purposes sensible.

Take a look around

Take a quick scan of your environment right now. There are probably at least three deadly weapons within a few steps if not within reach. This is a fun game to play anytime you are waiting in line at the supermarket, bank, restaurant, doctor’s office, or dreaded DMV.

Improv Night

Improvised Weapons Within Arms Reach Pic
Above is a picture of your typical restaurant. From my experience as a bouncer in a rowdy college bar, your first task is to find a seat facing the crowd and the entrance. Pick a seat against the wall and locate the nearest exits. With that out of the way, now look around the restaurant to find the improvised weapons. There are objects everywhere: chairs, condiments, tables and utensils, all of which can help save your life when push comes to shove.

To an expert in close quarter combat, the world is his weapon. Let’s review the improvised weapons of interest.

The heavy chairs make excellent impact weapons. You can hold one by the backrest and have four clubs (the legs of the chair) to be used for swinging or stabbing. Notice the sharp corner of the chair’s backrest. Driving someone’s head into it will ruin their day. The size of a chair makes it useful as a small barricade if you need to make a quick exit. You can also use the table as a barricade (remember running around the table during tag?).

Throw condiments or use them as a blunt weapon. Lastly, your steak knife is obviously a deadly weapon. However, the butter knife, fork, and glass or mug (with hot coffee) are dangerous items as well.

Violence is a fact of life. Therefore it’s prudent to train in a martial art or a combative system that emphasizes both weapons and empty hands. Once your body is a weapon, anything else you grab is just gravy, and no doubt better than restaurant gravy.

Is your eye trained? Can you list anything else as a makeshift weapon? Please comment below and let us know.

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