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Mailbag Monday

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From Chip F: I’m a new shooter and I’m left-handed. Is there a good left-handed gun you recommend?

Answer: For new shooters, I recommend trying a Glock, more specifically, I like the Glock 19.Overall, they are a great gun for beginners and the 19 is a good compact size frame. My wife and I each own a Glock 19 and they can be used for concealed carry or home defense.

From Ron P: Do you think that you will ever offer the compartmented (zipper pocket) belts again? If not, who makes them?

Answer: Yes, we are again offering the Escape & Evasion Gun Belt. These belts are handmade in Cedar City, UT and are incredibly tough. The belt comes with a lifetime guarantee and we have even used the belt to tow a vehicle. Click here for more information on the Escape & Evasion Gun Belt.

From Florence M: It’s starting to get hot in my house, but I don’t want to turn on the AC just yet… How can I leave my windows open without making it easy for criminals to break in?

Answer: The problem is, oftentimes an open window is a crime of opportunity for criminals. I personally don’t recommend leaving any windows open unless you are nearby. I especially wouldn’t leave windows open overnight unless they are 2nd floor windows. However, I can understand how many people would rather have windows open and not use their AC. With that being said, I would at least install motion sensor lights near the windows you typically leave open. You may also want to consider a security camera near the window if you plan on leaving it open regularly. Another thing you can do is to put a piece of wood in the window to prevent it from opening all the way. You would want to make sure the window doesn’t open enough to let someone fit through.

From Matt M: Can I borrow an AR-15 rifle for Spy Week? I can bring magazines, but don’t have a rifle. What was that place to order ammo from and have it shipped to your location?

Answer: Yes, we can provide firearms to be used for the Ultimate Spy Week. In addition, you can purchase your ammo at and have it shipped directly to our office. Click here to see some of the training we cover during the Ultimate Spy Week.

From Marcy K: Watching 2-second survival, knife in back, how does it work if the bad guy is left-handed? My husband is left handed, and when I turn right I can’t get the move correct.

Answer: When you spin you, will be facing the attacker so you would want to strike him in the face and knee him in the groin (instead of breaking his arm.)

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