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From Karen M: I had a Dr appt recently. While talking to my Dr I told him about a procedure a prior Dr had used… I haven’t seen the prior Dr for years. I haven’t looked him up or researched him, etc. and yet after the visit this prior Drs name popped up on FB as a friend suggestion. Is this just too much of a coincidence? Should my phone stay in my car during Dr visits or meetings?

Answer: Most likely, this is just a huge coincidence. While phones can be turned into microphones to pick up conversations, it’s unlikely this was done to you. Unless you work in the intelligence business or the government is after you then it’s highly unlikely they hacked into your phone.

From M. D: I just finished reading your book and I picked up lots of good safety tips. I made my wife (who is from Belarus) read it and I hope it will also help keep her safer. The only comment I have is that I prefer revolvers to semi-automatic firearms for home defense.

Answer: Thank you for your feedback. When it comes to guns for home defense I always recommend people use whichever type of weapon they are comfortable with. A revolver is less complicated than a semi-auto and is still great for home defense. If you haven’t done so yet, click here to receive a free copy of my book Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life.

From Nancy A: In following your directions from your book “The Escape Bag Blueprint” I am building my emergency bag according to your recommendations. Therefore, I came across your suggestion to have four 1 oz American Eagle Silver coins from Universal Coin and Bullion, where you mentioned Forest Hamilton. I called the number and actually got to speak with him. You said (and I quote: “I don’t receive any compensation from him. I simply know he’s one the good guys in the business who can be trusted”).

The customer service he gave blew me away. Open, honest, detail-oriented, kind, knowledgeable and professional describe my experience with him and the whole company.

Answer: I’m glad to hear Forest was able to help you out. He is a good guy and I’ve used his expertise many times.

From Randy S: How would an EMP blast affect solar panels?

Answer: I know a lot of people are worried about the affects of an EMP. The truth is, no one can say with 100% accuracy what items will be damaged or what will survive. With that being said, solar panels themselves would most likely survive an EMP but the problem is the wires and other connections to the panels. I recommend using the best surge protector and wiring you can find and hoping for the best. Like I said, it’s impossible to say what will exactly happen to solar panels but using quality wiring and connections will hopefully increase the chances that your solar panels would not be damaged.

From Maddie S: Can you please remind me of the week I signed up for? I thought it was August but your website states Oct. Just want to be sure I have the dates correct.

Answer: Today we will send you an e-mail with all the details of the Ultimate Spy Week you signed up for. For those who haven’t seen what this adrenaline packed week entails, click here.

From Pat: I am interested in the idea of the WaterBricks, but nowhere does it state how long the water is good. Is there a recipe to make the water good? I’ve heard you can add chlorine, bleach or some iodine. I’d like an honest answer.

Answer: The WaterBricks are great for water storage and there are a few different things you can do when filling them to prolong the life of the water. First, if you are filling them with tap water from your home than the water has already been treated with chlorine by your local municipality. In addition, you can still add water treatment drops such as Aquamira, which are basically chlorine drops but it’s not a must since the tap water is already treated. Most importantly, the thing with water storage is rotating the water before it goes bad. If you store your WaterBricks in a cool basement, you only need to rotate the water every 12 months.

From Frank A: Sometime back I saw a picture of you, Jason, drinking water, through a filter of course, from a toilet. I meant to get the information on that filter, but I didn’t. You said, at that time, that it was the filter that you carry, and you had nothing but the highest praise for it. If you could send me the name and source of that filter I would appreciate it.

Answer: It’s called the SurvFilter. As you mentioned, I used it to drink from a toilet as well as other disgusting things such as a horse trough. The SurvFilter removes 99.9999 of contaminates and it’s the only water filter I use. The fact is, during a survival situation water is one of the most critical things we need. Since we can only survive about three days without water I have one of these filters in each of my bug-out-bags. To see the videos of me using the filter you can go to

From Isabel Y: NOC Knife. Very impressive. It is a great defense, or offense, weapon… However, I am physically handicapped, navigate with a cane or walker, and at 85 years old, no longer quick physically to snatch the knife wherever I would have kept it for emergency, even on my body…

Answer: The NOC Knife is a great tool that can serve many different purposes. It’s incredibly strong and is designed to be used for self-defense in addition to any survival situation. With that being said, if it’s not something you want to carry on you it would be perfect for a bug-out-bag or even to carry in a vehicle. I know that some people don’t want to carry a knife with them at all times but this knife can be used for so many different things, which makes it a great tool to have for any situation.


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