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Mailbag Monday

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From Freddy M: The local Dollar Tree I occasionally go to was robbed this past week. The checkout clerk was robbed at gunpoint. I have my LTC and wondered how I should have reacted had I been there…

Answer: It’s difficult to give you a specific answer because there are a lot of different factors that come into play. In other words, where were you standing in the store? Could you have disarmed or shot the robber without having to worry about a stray bullet hitting an innocent bystander? There really is no perfect answer I can give you.

From John O: I still cannot close my NOC knife; can you send me clear instructions?

Answer: The NOC knife is incredibly strong, and to make it as strong as possible my team and I designed it as a fixed blade knife, meaning you can’t close or fold the knife. Click here to see the NOC Knife and some of the videos showing how strong it is.

From John H: I have a hot tub that holds 450 gallons of water treated with chlorine.  Any reason why I couldn’t consider that to be my “emergency water supply” as long as I filter the water before I drink it?

Answer: I always recommend thinking of a pool or hot tub as a bonus water source but not to 100% depend on it in an emergency. What I mean is, a hot tub that is full of water and treated with chlorine can absolutely be used as drinking water if you use a filter. However, I recommend having water stored in your home in 5-gallon or 7-gallon containers, which is the water you go to first.

From Larry R: How can you tell what someone’s “tell” is? I’m part of a weekly poker game and I keep getting cleaned out…

Answer: The best thing to is to video tape yourself during one of the games. When you watch the video, you’ll be able to see your tell when you’re lying. We all have tells whether it is touching our neck or blinking faster or shifting our legs.

From Bess K: All this talk about nuclear war. How should the average American prepare? Thanks for all you do.

Answer: When it comes to preparing for a nuclear event you want to do many similar preparations as you would do for other emergency situations. You want to build up your food and water supply. In the event of a nuclear attack you would want to stay inside your home in a basement or shelter and have plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal off a room for at least 24 hours.

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