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Mailbag Monday

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From William D: I’m thinking about purchasing a Ruger LCP as a backup gun. What ankle holster would be good for the LCP?

Answer: I’m personally not a big fan of ankle carry because I don’t find it comfortable and most people do it for a week and then hate it. However, if you’re going to ankle carry I would look into the Galco Ankle Glove holster.

From Brad H: What type of refill does your Tactical Spy Pen take?

Answer: You can purchase the Slider 755 made by Schneider at Office Max.  Or, if you take your cartridge into any office supply store they should be able to help you find a proper one. Click here to learn more about the tactical pen for self-defense.

From Michael W: I see that you have an Escape & Evasion Driving class coming up on April 21-22nd.  Can you tell me if there are any spots left and if it’s too late to sign up?

Answer: We have two spots remaining for this adrenaline filled course. Click here to learn more about the evasive driving course (where you get to ram a vehicle) and how you can sign up.

From Terry S: I’m interested in your free book but I want it in digital format, do you offer that?

Answer: We don’t sell the digital version of my book Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life but you can get it from Amazon for a reasonable price.

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  • Mr. Johan T. McElroy says:

    Hi Jason,
    I have a question about the handling of guns when looking for a handgun to buy in a gun store. When going into say Carter’s Country to try out and maybe buy a handgun, what is the proper way to handle the gun. I read somewhere awhile back and can’t find it the do’s and don’ts in handling the gun. Otherwise, you look unprofessional to the salesman. I know not to point it at anybody but I’m not sure about when it’s ok to work the action or if it’s ok to pull the trigger for trigger feel and other handling’s. Can you give me and maybe other interested readers some direction on this?
    J. McElroy

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