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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day With A Freedom Sale

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In modern America, we see St. Patrick’s Day as a day that the Irish celebrate their heritage.  Many Americans never even consider the history of the man the holiday really celebrates.  It’s a shame, too.  We can learn a lot about the human spirit from St. Patrick.

Who Was Saint Patrick?

At the age of sixteen, Patrick, who was from Britain, was captured and sold into slavery in Ireland.  He remained in slavery for six years.  While he confessed that he hadn’t been as religious as his family at the time of his capture, he spent his free time praying.  He struggled with religion, as the Irish were Pagan.

After six years of slavery, Patrick escaped.  He was able to secure passage to Britain, where he eventually reunited with his family.  Back in Britain, Patrick began to study Christianity and eventually dreamt that he was being called to Ireland to free the Irish and bring them to Christianity.

Despite his years as a slave on the foreign island, Patrick returned to Ireland as a Christian missionary.  Saint Patrick is now largely credited with converting the Irish to Christianity.  But it never would have happened if he hadn’t escaped slavery.

That’s why I’m celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a 4-piece escape and evasion kit!

Technology has changed since St. Patrick escaped slavery.  My St. Patrick’s Day kit includes four critical tools that can help you escape and evade like a pro.  It consists of these items:

  1. Universal Handcuff Key – I’ve taught everyone how to escape duct tape and rope, but handcuffs take a bit more time and require a bobby pin or hair barrette. The simplest way to get out of handcuffs is to have a key, which is why I’ve included it in this set.
  2. Bump Key – Evasion can often mean laying low until it’s safe to move again.  Getting into an unoccupied home can make that a much simpler process.  By sneaking into a home and making some quick changes like turning on the television, you can make the home look like the owners are there.  Anyone pursuing you will not want to go door-to-door asking about someone that escaped their imprisonment.  The bump key can get you in the door without attracting tons of attention yourself. Of course, you would only do this in a life in death situation.
  3. Jiggler Set – In my book, I give clear instructions on how to hotwire a car.  Presumably, you could just smash the window to get in.  But you may not want that kind of attention if you believe you might be in an area where your captors have informants.  By using the jiggler, you can find the right car and get in without attracting too much attention.
  4. Escape And Evasion Gun Belt – Of course, all of these tools are useless if you don’t have them with you.  That’s why I’ve included this belt.  While it looks like any normal belt, it has three inner pockets that can store all three keys and other stuff (like some emergency cash) without anyone knowing.

It’s a new world

Young Patrick obviously didn’t have cars and Kwikset locks to deal with.  But you do!  So join me in celebrating St. Patrick’s freedom by learning from his story and preparing yourself for the worst case scenario.

Update: This sale has expired for this year.  You can still swing by the Spy Store and pick up the items individually if you’d like.


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  • Doug G. says:

    I just finished reading your book “Spy Secrets that can Save Your Life”. It kept my attention from cover to cover. The topics covered could be important to anyone’s life and safety at any moment. I’m not as much of a “prepper” as you but I am as much a “gun nut” and having worked in physical security and law enforcement I could agree with many of your points. Thanks for the book. I’m sure to go back to it as a refresher from time to time.

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