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Mailbag Monday

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From Michael: How do I put a freeze on my credit to stop other people from using it? I have life lock but don’t think that is enough…

Answer: I strongly recommend placing a credit freeze yourself because this makes it impossible for anyone else to access your credit. The way it works is you need to contact the three main credit agencies, which are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. You can go to each of their websites and apply for a freeze. It will cost around $10 per each company depending on the state you reside in. I’ve had my credit freeze for about 15 years now.  For more information, see my post Step-by-Step: How to Freeze Your Credit.

Ronnie L: I’m interested in the AR-15 Rifle Build course. Can you tell me if there are still seats open for the April class?

Answer: Yes, we still have a few seats open for April. However, the deadline to sign up for the April course is this Wednesday, March 15th. For full details about the Underground AR-15 course, click here.

From Douglas C: The main event that I have been planning for is an earthquake big enough to take down the half dozen or so dams upstream from the Southern Willamette Valley. It is estimated that this would release a 30 to 50 foot wall of water… I thought I would write to see if you had any suggestions.

Answer: The truth is, the best thing you can do is to evacuate ahead of the dam failing. I realize this is easier said than done since we can’t predict the exact moment an earthquake will hit. However, I would begin preparations now to evacuate at a moments notice. (Get your “bug out bags” ready so you can quickly flee your home.)

From Dawn: Thank you for the recent article about where women can carry the tactical pen.

Answer: I’m glad you enjoyed the article. For those who haven’t seen the tactical pen click here to learn about my favorite self-defense tool.

Mike S: Thank you very much for your prompt reply and service, looking forward to getting the bag. I now have a greater respect for online ordering thanks to people like yourselves thanks again.

Answer: Thank you for your feedback Mike. We always strive to make customer service a top priority.

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