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Mailbag Monday

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From Jim P: Just got my concealed carry license. What subcompact do you recommend?

Answer: I would look at a Glock 19 or a Sig Sauer P250. The key is to find a gun that is comfortable for you to shoot. I would go to your local gun range and rent a few different guns and see what works for you. (If you want to try a pocket gun, I like the Sig Sauer P238 and Ruger LCP.)

From Gary S: In the event of a power loss here in Surf City, which happens occasionally, please recommend some type of “electric lantern” that we could use as an emergency source of interior lighting? One that would be rechargeable at an outlet rather than using a battery…

Answer: The majority of lanterns operate either on propane canisters or large batteries. However, if you wanted something with an internal rechargeable battery, one you should look into is the Camp Chef Mountain Summit lantern.

From Shawn H: I’m looking forward to attending the driving class in April. Do you have any recommendations on where to stay in Cedar City?

Answer: There are many different hotel options in Cedar City since we are near multiple national parks. However, a lot of folks stay at the Abbey Inn, which is very close to our office. To learn more about the Escape & Evasion Driving Experience click here.

From Melinda: I believe my boyfriend has put a tracking device on my car. As you may know, these devices can be quite small and hard to find, especially because you can pop the plastic off anywhere to place one. Any advice for finding them?

Answer: You are 100% right that these can be incredibly small. First, I would check areas of your vehicle that are easy to access or hide a tracker. If you want to be extra cautious I would consider contacting a local private investigator or security company and asking them if they can sweep your vehicle for GPS trackers.

From Richard C: Would it be advantageous to have multiple “Go Bags” for each season instead of packing and repacking as the year progresses?

Answer: It’s important that go bags provided adequate supplies for the weather or season we are in. Obviously, the gear we have for winter is going to be different than what we want in the summer. So it’s a good idea to remember to prepare multiple bags or to have one particular bag that you adjust for each season. And don’t forget to carry a bag in each vehicle in case you ever get stranded.

From Bill S: I’m in FL and have an 11,000-gallon swimming pool attached to my house.  It’s a salt pool, and according to my pool store, when it’s at the proper salt level, it’s only 1/10th as salty as the ocean. My question is, is there any reason I can’t use this pool water for drinking and cooking in an emergency situation?

Answer: Even though the salt level is not as salty as the ocean you would still want to distill the water. Unfortunately, this isn’t easy to do because most water filters can’t filter out salt. So you would have to distill the water to remove the salt, which is oftentimes a slow process.

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