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A few weeks ago, I met a woman at a conference who carries her tactical pen in one of the most unique places I’ve ever seen.

Generally, women have to be a little more creative in where they put their everyday carry items, because women’s clothing is designed differently than men’s. This woman chose to clip her tactical pen to the inside of her boot, where it was barely noticeable, like so:

TactPen for Everyday Carry

Since so many of you have purchased tactical pens of your very own, I’d like to quickly cover some of the other ways you can carry the pen on your person.

Honestly, it’s pretty simple for guys, since most of our pants or shorts have large pockets where we can easily clip a pen.

This makes the pen easy to pull out and use, which is why clipping the pen inside my right front pants pocket is my No. 1 everyday carry method.

Pen in Pocket

But let’s say this isn’t an option for whatever reason. Another way to carry a tactical pen is with a lanyard. You can clip the pen to the end of the lanyard and it will simply look like a regular writing pen hanging around your neck. And you will be able to access it quickly in an emergency.

Even better, if you can find a lanyard with a detachable end, you can avoid the hassle of unclipping the pen from the key ring. When you’re being attacked, every second counts.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, women’s clothing usually presents a bigger challenge when it comes to carrying a tactical pen. Rarely are women’s pockets large enough to store much of anything — something my wife complains about all the time.

Many women I train choose to clip their pen to their purse pocket or purse strap. This way, they can access the pen quickly and it’s always with them when they are out in public.

Of course, as demonstrated by the woman I met at the conference, clipping your pen to your boot is another great idea. As long as you can get to the pen quickly and easily, that’s all that matters.

Many women I teach mention they like to jog and want to be able to protect themselves while running. In this case, I suggest clipping the pen to the neck of your shirt or the strap of your sports bra so you can access it even when you aren’t carrying anything else.

No matter what occasion you are dressed for, you need to consider how you’re going to carry your tactical pen. Get creative!

And remember that a tactical pen is useless if it’s buried in your purse or left in your car. So the next time you are contemplating which outfit to wear, be sure to choose an option that allows you to carry your tactical pen.

Personally, I always have my tactical pen on me no matter what I’m doing — and I hope you do too. A tactical pen can deliver a painful message to an attacker, giving you the perfect opportunity to escape.

Stay safe!

Spy pen in action


  • Matthew Epstein says:

    I wonder if it is possible for women to wear the tactical pen in their hair if they wear it up or if would get tangled.

  • Michael says:

    Hi Jason,
    i carry one of your pens with me everywhere, especially when traveling. I recently was going through Love’s field in Dallas, TX and TSA would not allow me to take my pen with me. I usually put it in my backpack when going through security but mistakenly placed it in my inside jacket pocket this time. I was selected for further screening and my jacket was taken aside by the agent. She found the pen and went to ask another agent about it. He said “can’t go through, its a weapon”. I asked to speak to a supervisor and long story short, after talking politely and calmly with three supervisors I was allowed to go through with my pen as long as I put it in my backpack.

    Just thought you would like to know.

    Michael P.

  • Ed Osander says:

    While your tactical pen is very nice I am somewhat perplexed by the design “flaw” that I see in all tactical pens. I like to carry my pen in my shirt pocket and the design of all tactical pens is not effective in doing so. If the pens were slightly modified so that the length from where the clip attached to the clothing to the bottom of the pen was the same length as on an ink pen, the tactical pen would fit into a shirt pocket without having to be carried at an angle and not having any potential attention drawn to it. The current length from where the clip rests on the clothing to the bottom of the pen does not allow for a comfortable or straight up carry in a shirt pocket. I realize that this may be a minor issue, but it is one that could easily be addressed to make the pen more user friendly and comfortable.
    I enjoy your articles. Please keep up the fine work.

  • Darrell Lee says:

    I recently went to a college basketball game at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion and was told that I would not be allowed to bring my tactical pen in, because it is an impact weapon. Mind you, they didn’t say anything about the monkey ball on my key chain, but they hassled me about the pen. I told them my pen was permitted in courthouses, Federal buildings, and in the presence of the President of the United States, so I found it odd it was not permitted in this location. The security supervisor took me aside and asked if I had my car there, so I could put in there during the game. I told him I had gotten a ride there with a friend (true) and that my friend was already inside (also true). He finally relented and said I could take it in this time, but would not be allowed in the future. I told him, no problem, I had not known that it was not allowed. I had previously brought one with me, but it had been a few years.

  • M. Florence says:

    Yes. I lost a tac pen in the Dallas Airport, too. TAS people said it was a martial arts weapon and confiscated it. If you fly through Dallas, don’t try to take it through security. I haven’t had problems anywhere else, but I think security people are beginning to take a closer look at tac pens.

    • Bill Garza says:

      One thing I’ve done is put the tactical pen in my checked luggage and carry a metal-barrel pen that’s not so obviously “tactical”. It’s not as good but you could mess somebody up if you click it so that the ink point is out. At least I’ve never had it confiscated. This is why I NEVER fly except when I have to through my job, I hate the airports now that you get hassled for anything and everything and they think you’re a nut if you want to actually be able to defend yourself. I’d rather drive for 2 days, experience the countryside, be able to stop whenever I want, and not get looked at like a terrorist even though I’ve worked for 25 years in the military establishment as active duty military, civil service, and defense contractor–and have held a security clearance continuously for that whole time. Yes, they’ve made it so miserable that I’m just done with it.

  • Brenda W. says:

    My tactical pen was in my purse when I went through TSA security at DFW recently. I was selected for further screening and the pen was discussed among the agents, they concluded it was a weapon and it was taken from me, after I declined the choice to get out of line and find a place to mail it to my home. The other tactical pen that was in my carryon backpack, was never mentioned.

  • Cath says:

    TSA in Las Vegas and Dallas allowed the pen in my backpack, no problems. After reading previous posts, I’ll keep it there then take it out after going through TSA checkpoints.

  • Steven Key says:

    I have traveled all over the world without having my tactical pen questioned. But last week it was confiscated by TSA in the Ontario, CA airport. Over my mild protests, they had 4 different TSA agents look at it. They declared it a weapon. I might have to go with a sturdy ink pen.

  • Todd says:

    Charleston South Carolina airport tsa nabbed mine. Made the mistake of putting it in the tray inside my shoe rather than leaving it in my carry on pocket this time. They used the reasoning that it is a “tactical pen.” I asked what made it tactical? It is a pen. No good explanation was given of course. Long story short they took it. Leave it in your carry on and take it out once you are passed security.

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