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In support of Read Across America Day, I want to share a few survival books.  It never hurts to take a look at other survival situations, even when they’re fiction.  A little creativity can get our minds turning and give us ideas.


Hatchet (Young Adult) by Gary Paulsen

Hatchet is the first book in a wilderness survival book that tells the story of a young man named Brian.  The story begins with his emotional struggle of dealing with his parents divorce.   Brian becomes stranded in the forest as the result of a plan crash.  The book explains both his survival techniques as well as the mental state of the young man throughout his struggles.  Brian also shares his thoughts about how he came across the skills that he did have when his disaster struck.

Survival: After It Happened Book 1 by Devon C. Ford

Survival is the first in the After It Happened Series.  The story takes place in England where a yet unidentified airborne disease is killing almost everyone.  Two men meet and work together acquire and store resources.  They eventually come across other survivors and create a group.  The story is presented in a relatively realistic way and demonstrates potentially real obstacles and how they are overcome.  While there are some minor fantastical or inaccurate aspects, the storyline is largely believable.  Just be sure to have a U.S. – British dictionary on hand (or Google).


Outdoor Life: The Ultimate Survival Manual by Richard Johnson

This is a great survival book covering the skills needed to make it on your own.  The book covers such things as emergency medical to food.  The book includes survival checklists and incredible stories.  This is a great book to have on hand when things go wrong or to reference when preparing for such a situation.  Creating survival scenarios from real situations, Johnson breaks down the skills needed to overcome almost any survival situation.

Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life by…   Me

Of course I have to add my own book to this list, I wrote it specifically for this category.  In it, I explain ways to keep yourself from getting into dangerous situations as well as how to escape if you do find yourself in one.  I focus on helping you understand how to analyze a situation before trouble begins.  I also cover the most important ways to protect yourself from those who intend to do you harm.  From hot-wiring a car to escaping handcuffs and duct tape.  I explain how to escape modern threats with examples from my own life as well as stories from others.

Join me in celebrating Read Across America Day by picking up a good book and turning off the tv for a while.  Reading is becoming it’s own forgotten survival skill, but there’s something you can do about that.

Stay Safe!

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