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Should Concealed Carry Reciprocity Be Federally Mandated?

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If you’ve been following the news you know that H.R.38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, has been referred to a subcommittee.   This has sparked it’s fair share of lies and foolishness from the left.  But the question is, should even rational people want this.  It may not be as cut and dry as we think.

Concealed Carry Reciprocity could allow this woman across state lines

The Second Amendment

We all know that our second amendment is being trampled on daily.  That inalienable right to bear arms has turned into people begging for permission in some states.  Realistically speaking, we have the right to bear arms only until we stop using that right.  I believe the gut reaction for most of us is that our rights should not be trampled simply because we cross a state border.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article compelling everyone to remember the story of Dr. Suzanna Hupp.  Among the words she spoke were to remind congress that the right to bear arms was not for hunting or sport, but rather for people to defend themselves against the very congress she was addressing.

The insanity of the opposition makes us dig in our heals even deeper.  They want to claim that somehow allowing legal concealed carry holders to carry in their state will bring in waves of crime.  They seem to want to neglect the fact that these are law-abiding citizens already carrying in their own states.

I believe that we should defend the 2nd amendment at every line we can.  If we fail to defend it, we will lose it.

But there’s a conflict of interest here, and potentially a dangerous one.

What about the 10th Amendment?

The majority of pro-Second Amendment Americans are also pro-Tenth Amendment.  Would this be crossing the line of state’s rights?  Could forcing one state to accept concealed carry reciprocity have negative effects?

Firearms laws alone are a great reason to defend the 10th Amendment.  As important as our right to bear arms is, our right to govern locally is equally important.  We certainly wouldn’t want the whole country to have to follow the gun laws of California, New York, or New Jersey.  Is it really in our best interest to push them to follow the laws of the rest of the nation?  The states with the strictest gun laws tend to be some of the most populous.  This means, of course, that they have a lot of congressional seats.

If some of the swing states are against this policy, it could also mean a lot of votes shifting in the Presidential election in 4 years.

The Supreme Court and the precedent

If the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 does pass, it will likely be challenged.  Given recent court decisions that trampled states rights, I have a hard time believing that the court would decide against the bill if it passes.  But given those same recent decisions, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made their own little tweaks.  What’s to say they won’t just change the law the way they did Obama Care?  Could they change the law to require all states to meet the strict regulation of states like California?

If the law is challenged and the Supreme Court finds the bill constitutional, what precedent will that set?  Will politicians feel that they can use this as precedent to further trample on state’s rights?

My Thoughts

I don’t really know where to stand on this one.  My gut says I should support Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act simply because the other side is fighting it.  But we’ve seen what happens when we allow freedoms to be bent when it supports our agenda.  We’re always just one election away from someone bending a law in another direction to suit his or her agenda.

Are you supporting concealed carry reciprocity?
Why or why not?

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  • Bryon K Harp says:

    Gun rights are Federal under the Constitution and therefore no state has the right to infringe! Period!

  • Someone says:

    I agree with you Bryon.

  • Jason says:

    The 2nd amendment says “Shall not be infringed”. Theses states infringed it, therefore the states have directly violated the 2nd amendment. States do have the 10th amendment right but doesn’t say violate other federal amendments and pass whatever law they see fits. The Constitution is the law of the LAND; defined as all 50 states (excluding territory). Your zip code and state residence should not determine how free is your 2nd amendment is here and there. Does your Constitutional rights need a limit or permission to exercise them? We practice freedom of speech daily, freedom of religion mostly weekly, the press hitting the government like at the White House, having courts, refusing to say something to plead guilty of your own actions, no one living in your home without permission, police having to respect personal property unless with warrant.

    • Jason Crawford says:

      Hey Jason,

      Lots of Jason’s around these parts these days.

      I agree that the 2nd Amendment is being violated. However, the question is “Do two wrongs make a right?” Furthermore, is this really the best way to stand up for the 2nd Amendment, or are we just sliding down that slippery slope where we won’t have any ground to stand on once it’s all over. By trying to pass a law that requires one state to recognizes other states laws, we may simply be creating the scenario where we lose gun rights across the nation, rather than those anti-liberty states. The ideal solution is obviously to get the Supreme Court to fully recognize the 2nd Amendment and put a stop to States trampling individual rights in the first place.

      First they came for the 10th Amendment, and I did nothing because I was only concerned about the 2nd….
      – Adaptation of a quote from MARTIN NIEMÖLLER.

  • Joe Needham says:

    A federal conceal carry law would be good if it required safety training with a firearm, training about under what circumstances one can legally use a firearm and a proficiency test with a firearm. Having federal standards would require more training of people from states that let anyone carry a concealed weapon. State laws on conceal carry would still apply in that state for residents but if they leave they state they must have a federal conceal carry license.

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