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Mailbag Monday

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From Greg T: I’ve heard you recommend the Baofeng radio but do you recommend anything with two-way radio capabilities for longer distances?

Answer: Unfortunately, two-way radios aren’t the best for long distance. Many will advertise that they work up to 35 miles but that’s in perfect conditions. What I mean is, if there are hills or buildings they won’t work at that distance.

From Richard B: I recently purchased your online Spy Escape videos… Can you please tell me where I go to login to view these?

Anaswer: To view the online Spy Course, go to and enter your e-mail and password. To learn more about the online course click here.

From Ralph R: I am considering purchasing your belt, but am curious: have you ever considered a spy suspender set?

Answer: I have never considered suspenders but I am always open to new ideas and I love the feedback.

From Julie K: I locked myself out of my basement. If I purchase your lock pick set, does it come with instructions?

Answer: Right now, you can get the credit card lock pick set for free. It comes with several training videos so you’ll know exactly how to use it. Get your free lock pick set here.

From Jan M: You said that you wouldn’t take your family to Mexico for any amount of money. I know that parts of MX are dangerous, but for the last few years, my family has vacationed on the Yucatan Peninsula and we’re getting ready to go back… Can you tell me why MX is such a big concern for you?

Answer: While most of the tourist areas are safe, I personally don’t feel the risk is worth taking my family since even in the nicest areas crime still happens often. I might go by myself for business, but I would not take my family.

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