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Thoughts On Family Protection This Valentine’s Day

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Family protection is always a difficult topic to address.  While some loved ones appreciate the conversation, others may avoid the topic or even be too young to discuss it.  This makes it hard for us to give any simple advice that will apply to everyone.

If your family members are of the mindset that they want to be prepared, great!

However, if your family is either unwilling or unable to prepare to defend themselves, here are some less obtrusive techniques you can use.


Dogs are a fantastic deterrent and defense tool.  They are also fun and most family members would love to have one.  There are some considerations to keep in mind.  A well-trained German Sheppard is a great guard dog, but they can be difficult to travel with.  While a lot of people won’t really want the yappy toy poodle, it is a great deterrent dog.  Nobody wants a barking dog bringing attention to their bad intentions.

The key is to find the dog(s) that meet your family’s needs.  Do you have a big enough car for a big bullmastiff?  Would your kid run around with a golden retriever?  Would your wife be ok visiting friends with a cocker spaniel?  Find a dog that your family will love to have with them and you’ll feel more comfortable when they’re out on their own.

Family Protection Guard Dog

Phone Tracking

When it comes to family protection, nothing is off limits.  While it may be uncomfortable to talk to a spouse about, GPS tracking is a great tool.  College student James Hubert was saved when his friends used the Find My iPhone App to locate him after 2 days.  He had been attacked and left to die beside a set of railroad tracks.

Your family can take pro-active measures by ensuring that you have access to tracking apps on each other’s phones.  This is even easier when dealing with children.  While they may protest, you’re not really crossing any trust boundaries and it’s an easy sell if you’re paying the phone bill.

The real benefit here is that almost everyone already carries their phone with them, so this isn’t an inconvenience.  Just make sure everyone understands the importance of keeping their phone charged at all times.

Vehicle and Driving Safety

With over 35,000 motor vehicle deaths in 2015, it would be disingenuous to focus solely on attackers in family protection.  Take the time to make sure that your vehicles are in order.  Check tire pressures, fluids, and breaks regularly.  Also make sure that items in the vehicle are stored properly and won’t cause additional harm in the event of an accident.

If possible, take a real defensive driving course.  I’m not talking about a course where you watch some accident videos, but a real driving course.  Knowing the fastest way to break and the limitations of your vehicle can make the difference between life and death on the highway.

Please share your family protection tips in the comments below.

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