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Mailbag Monday

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From Joel T: I’ve noticed that you like testing flashlights a lot. I was curious if you’ve tested the J5 Tactical Flashlight. They’re only about $13 and very powerful for something that runs off of an AAA battery…

Answer: I do love testing flashlights, I’m a flashlight junkie. I have not tested the J5 yet, but at that price, I will have to check it out.

From Gordon W: What all of your courses do you currently have available online?

Answer: We currently have a number of different courses that you can view online. You can view our Spy Course, 2-Second Survival, Gun Retirement, and many other training videos. Our most popular online course is our Spy course that you can see here.

From Matt D: Jason-I enjoyed your book and enjoy your emails as well. I am a retired small town police detective and read with interest your comments about your relative with a stalker. As I was reading along, I was saying to myself, “yup, yup, yup” as I read your advice. Particularly about when to contact the police, we used to give people the option of merely having a report on file or having us contact the suspect since as you said, sometimes it just wound them up more. However, I disagree that restraining orders are worthless. Now, don’t get me wrong, we used to tell people (99% of the time, women obviously), not to forget that this was just a piece of paper, it doesn’t stop bullets or even further harassment, it only makes it easier to make an arrest…

Answer: You are right that it definitely makes them easier to arrest. I was making the point that you summed up nicely that they can’t stop bullets and it’s just a piece of paper.

From Ed H: I purchased one of the flashlight/stun gun. I was in my back yard in the dark when I encountered a large non-friendly dog. I pressed the zap feature twice and the dog left immediately.

Answer: The Self-Defense Flashlight Stun Gun is very effective and intimidating. Whether it’s a person or animal the sound of the stun gun will make them think twice. (You can see my wife zapping me with the Stun Gun here.)

From Arden S: Do you have any suggestions on the companies or types of satellite phones that would be good to get?

Answer: I would look into the Inmarsat IsatPhone 2. This is about $650 on Amazon and you can purchase prepaid minutes.

From Nancy C: Hello Jason, Our 20-year-old TV is starting to go. My husband wants a new big screen TV, but after reading as much as I could from Edward Snowden and others online, I’m not sure I want one in my house…

Answer: Most new TV’s are “Smart TV’s” which means they connect to the internet and offer streaming, app downloads, and even a web browser. However, you can still purchase TV’s that don’t have internet connection capabilities, which would keep you safe from hacking.

From Patty M: Dear Jason, I love all your information you give!  My question is what kind of wood to use for a smokeless fire if I would have to cook over one especially if I don’t want to be noticed?

Answer: The most important aspect of creating a smokeless fire is using very dry wood. You also want to use small tinder or pieces of wood because when you add a large amount of fuel to a fire it usually creates more smoke.

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