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Mailbag Monday

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Should I install a home security system?  Are flashlights valuable in home defense situations?  What do I recommend for door hardening?  This and more in this week’s Mailbag Monday

From JB: I went to dry graphite years ago for all my firearms. It actually works into the metal and does not attract dirt, dust and debris. It also makes cleaning after shooting a bit easier…

Answer: In my opinion, dry lubricants don’t do as well of a job at lubricating the moving parts of the firearm. Both dry & wet options can be used and each have there advantages but I personally like to use a liquid lubricant.

From Ken R: Lately, I have been seeing many advertisements for tactical (high-lumen) flashlights, often promoted as an alternative to guns. Are they worth considering in certain situations, even if I already have a supply of guns?

Answer: A tactical flashlight is another tool that I highly recommend. The reason is, if you buy a quality tactical flashlight it can be used to strike an attacker and can produce bright lumens that could disorient them. Frankly, having a flashlight is critical for any home defense plan in case someone breaks into your home at night. I personally carry the SPYTAC X-6, which is 600 lumens and incredibly tough.

From Natalie M: I just wanted to take the time to write to you and thank you for all the wonderful tips and tricks you send out to your e-mail list and blog. I’ve been on your list for a while now, and I’m consistently impressed with all the amazing content you put out.

Answer: I’m glad to hear that you are learning more to stay safe! Please let us know if there is any specific topic you want to learn more about.

From Allen D: There is an excellent app out there at least for android phones that is very up to date, and updated at least weekly that helps a traveler sort through the hodgepodge of different state concealed carry laws. Workman Consulting, LLC, calls it CCW Concealed Carry.

Answer: This looks like a great tool to use when figuring out the maze of concealed carry laws. It allows you to input which CCW permits you have and it will help you plan a trip using their mapping system.

From Allison W: Thanks for the travel reminders. I don’t fly as much as I used to, but it’s good to be reminded of the safety tips. I’m happy to say I passed your checklist with flying colors!

Answer: I’m glad to hear you are doing everything you can to stay safe when traveling. Unfortunately, traveling is becoming more dangerous and it’s important to take all the necessary safety precautions. One of my favorite ways to hopefully stay safe when traveling is to always carry my tactical pen with me. Click here to see the tactical pen I carry.

From Marv H: I recently subscribed, and I have a question. Do you recommend having a home security system? Thank you.

Answer: Installing a home security system is one of the first things I recommend everyone do to make their home more secure. The fact is, home security systems are a great deterrent to criminals and can alert you if someone breaks in. If a burglar kicks in a door and immediately hears the alarm they will likely think twice about what they are doing.

From Debbie T: Loved the Rachel Ray segment you guys… God bless. You guys deserve it.

Answer: Thank you for your support. I’m incredibly grateful and blessed to be able to share skills with others to hopefully keep them safe.

From Greg M: Thanks for all the videos and articles you put out they give you something to think about and new ways to defend yourself. On the downside though they are simple enough for the wife to tryout on me so I should be getting some kind of hazard pay!

Answer: Well, I’m happy to hear that your wife can practice ways to stay safe. However, I hope she doesn’t hurt you too badly! Click here if you would like access to more training videos.

From Tamlyn R: I’m very interested in how to equip my daughter and myself on how to protect us on the Internet.

Answer: One of the first things I recommend is using a virtual private network such as TunnelBear. Next, always stop to think what you are clicking on. What I mean is, make sure you aren’t opening an e-mail scam and clicking on a link to a virus. Basically, if you don’t know the company or website you are visiting is reputable, then don’t click on the link.

From TJ C: What is the name of the product you suggest for door hardening. To protect against kick-ins and other door-breach attempts? Thank you for all you do.

Answer: The product I recommend is called Night Lock and it sells for around $35 on Amazon. Basically, this will make it a lot more difficult for a criminal to kick in your door.


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