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Mailbag Monday

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Can we start a spy training program in my city? How do I maintain a stun gun? Should I start a Neighborhood Watch? I respond to these questions and being told to “Stay the HELL OUT of macroeconomics and politics” in this week’s Monday Mailbag.

From Hoyt N: The first time we met was during some training, but just after that I was involved in a very bad accident that shattered my pelvis and damaged my brain, it’s taken years to walk without a cane, but I have never had anyone mess with me, I’m just getting to a point that if trouble comes it must be my time because I’ve been shot, stabbed and ran over but I never give up. I was forced into Retirement at 55 yrs of Age, but I like your demos your great teacher of survival techniques…

Answer: Clearly, you have overcome a lot and are doing everything you can to stay safe. Please let us know how we can better help you.

From Daniel D: I read about these techniques in your book. It was great to see it live on video. I went right to my kids and showed them. Also in your book you mentioned if you wanted to start something like this in our area, to contact you… Would it be feasible in western suburbs of Chicago? I think with all the shootings in Chicago it would sell itself. Thank you.

Answer: Everyone can learn new information from the techniques I recommend and this would certainly be important for people who live in major cities, where crime is more common. If you are interested in starting something in your area please send e-mail to with your phone number and we will reach out to you.

From Debbie E: I just got an email about an upcoming shortage of gun oil… Have you heard about this?

Answer: During an emergency you could use different types of oil for your gun so I wouldn’t be concerned.

From Cordy W: My wife & I have enjoyed your accessories, e-mail, & training for some time now. We feel you are the best in the industry… Thank you for all your good work, it has been a good value.

Answer: I appreciate your support and kinds words. We always try our best to under promise and over deliver.

From Tom B: Love your books, and tools.  My 9 year old has read the Spy Tactics book cover to cover about 10 times.

Answer: Sounds like you may have a future Spy on your hands. If you haven’t done so yet, click here for a free copy of my book.

From Denise R: Is there much maintenance to a stun gun?

Answer: No, the only thing you need to do is charge it with the included charger. The battery is internal so you don’t have to buy batteries.

From Ned P: Stay the HELL OUT of macroeconomics and politics. This is not your area of expertise… BTW, Trump may very well cause severe damage to our economy in record time if he is not kept in check.

Answer: What our president does affects how we live. Obviously, Obama adding trillions to the national debt will greatly hurt us when the day of reckoning comes. And, while I hope Trump can dig us out of the hole a bit, there’s still a high chance we will have some type of economic meltdown sooner than later. In other words, politics affects us all and we need to be prepared to survive whatever crisis occurs whether it’s a natural disaster or one caused by the U.S. Gov’t.

From Chris W: Can you tell me the weight of the AR-15 you are selling?

Answer: The AR-15 weighs 7lbs, unloaded. Currently, we are all Sold Out of the Underground AR-15.

From Gary S: Thank you so much for all the information and products I received from you… Please be advised that Lisa Hutter has been so helpful for me in her Customer Service duties. She is professional and also answers my questions as soon as possible. She makes it very comfortable to do business with your company. I will buy future products from your company.

Answer: Customer service is a priority for my company and we always strive to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied. Lisa has been with me for years and does a fantastic job and I’m grateful she’s on our team.

From Marty C: I have planned a trip to Las Vegas around the same time as your 2-day Spy Course. I will have my two children, ages 16 and 24 with me. I believe it would be beneficial for all of us to attend. Are there any seats still available?

Answer: Yes, there are a few remaining seats still available and both of your children are welcome to come since parents often bring their kids. Click here for more information about the March 31st- April 1st Spy Course.

From Jill R: What are your thoughts on creating a neighborhood watch program?

Answer: A neighborhood watch can be very effective in reducing crime. I would definitely reach out to your neighbors and local law enforcement about creating a program if your neighborhood doesn’t already have one. There are no doubt neighbors can prevent crime by reporting suspicious activity.


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