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This Week: How to deal with package deliveries… A free book copy… Traveling around Israel with a Tactical Pen… The secure search engine… And, a mouthful of information on the AR-15 barrel.

Even though Christmas is over, you probably received a gift card or two that you get to spend online.  Obviously, online shopping makes life a little easier, but there’s a threat most people don’t consider…


Online Shopping

On Nov. 22, 2016, Lawrence Berry was at his home in Houston, Texas, with his wife and two daughters when he heard a knock at the door around 8:40 p.m.

Through the door, Mr. Berry saw a UPS driver, who called out that he needed a signature for a package he was to deliver.

As Mr. Berry opened the front door, the deliveryman forced his way inside the home, quickly followed by three men, all of whom were carrying guns.

Once inside the home, the intruders beat Mr. Berry. He tried to fight them off, giving his wife and daughters enough time to run and hide in a closet.

During the struggle, one of the criminals fired his gun, but luckily, no one was hit.

Then the suspects quickly ransacked the Berrys’ home, stealing several pieces of jewelry as well as some collectable firearms.

Thankfully, Mr. Berry survived the home invasion, although he was treated for a fractured skull that required 28 staples to the back of his head.

The Houston Police Department are still working closely with UPS to figure out how the ringleader obtained a UPS uniform, and the police are following any and all leads in an attempt to capture these dangerous criminals.

Since many of us will be receiving packages from online retailers from the gift cards we use, here are some tips to stay safe when a delivery person comes knocking:

Delivery man knocking on a glass door

1) Don’t require a signature

I realize a lot of people request a signature upon delivery to ensure the package isn’t just left outside.  The problem with that is you have to interact with a delivery person for every package you receive.  If you don’t require a signature, they can just leave the package on your doorstep for you to retrieve once they are gone.  This way, you’ll never have to worry about answering the door for a complete stranger.

2) Monitor the tracking

With technology these days, major delivery companies are able to give accurate tracking information and frequent updates.  If you are expecting a delivery, you can track it online and see the precise date (and sometimes the exact time) your package should arrive.  Obviously, if you’re receiving a ton of packages from relatives, you won’t always know what’s coming. If an unexpected package shows up, talk to the delivery person through the door.  Ask them who the package is from to verify if it is indeed from a friend or relative.

Box labeled Order Tracking








3) Pick up at retail location

Most delivery companies have retail locations all over the U.S. — for example, UPS has The UPS Store and FedEx has FedEx Office.  You can request to have your package delivered to a retail location near you.  Then you can pick up the package at your convenience without the risk that comes with having a stranger come to your front door.  By picking up your packages at the store, you also won’t have to worry about it being stolen while sitting on your porch.

When shopping online, be sure to keep these safety tips in mind. They could prevent you from being tricked by a crafty criminal posing as a delivery person.

And like I always say, trust your gut.

If something doesn’t quite seem right, don’t open the door. It’s perfectly acceptable to talk to the delivery person through the door to determine if the drop-off is legitimate.

Ask questions like, “Who is the sender?” and “Who is it addressed to?”

A little bit of sleuthing goes a long way, especially as more and more criminals are finding sneaky ways to get into your home.


SPYTAC X-6 Flashlight








The Mailbag

From David J: What about what you mentioned in the title “A secure search engine you should use”?

A: The search engine mentioned last week is called StartPage. It securely uses Google as a search engine.

From Nick M: I really appreciate you taking the initiative to send me a photo of the brown belt so I could judge the color more accurately… I will be ordering two belts: one in black and one in brown… This level of personalized customer service is very rare today, thanks again for your thoughtfulness and great solution for answering my question.

A: I take customer service very seriously and everyone on my team tries to do everything we can to assist our customers. While we still make mistakes (which drives me crazy) we quickly correct them to give the best service possible.

From Eddie W: Enjoyed your book “Spy Secrets” immensely. Found the videos especially useful (and unique, I want to add) because they showed the steps necessary to mimic a lot of the material you talked about in the book!

A: Thank you for your review of the book. To get a free copy of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life Click Here.

From John L: Just thought you should know I recently traveled to Israel for 12 days. I carried the tactical pen in my pocket the entire trip, never had an issue even going through intense security at historical sites and airports…

A: I’m glad you had a safe trip and were able to carry the tactical pen. We’ve had several people travel through Ben Gurion airport (one of the most secure airports in the world) with their tactical pen.

From Neil D: I’m building an AR-15 and saw your email about your build. Do you have any information on the barrel?

A: Here are the technical specs of the barrel: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel, 1 in 7 twist, 16″ Government Profile, HP and MPI tested, with QPQ Corrosion Resistant Finish inside and outside. Click here for full details about the Underground Build Class.


Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

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