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Agent Approved Spy Christmas List

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This week: The best gifts for your inner spy…A secure search engine you should use… The ammo I use in my Glock… The SPYTAC X-6 as a gift… And, where to stay for the next Spy Course.

I know Christmas is practically here…

But, if you’re still looking for a unique gift for the secret agent in your life, there are six more spy-themed tools that might fit the bill.

All of these gifts can easily be ordered on Amazon so you can get them quickly.

How about a Spy Christmas list?

Here are the 6 gifts…

1) Spy Bolt

Former KGB spies used a similar tool for dead drops. The bolt is 3.5 inches long and waterproof when sealed. You can roll up cash and hide it in the bolt as an emergency fund.

Or — if you need to share information discreetly — you can hide a small SD card inside the bolt and leave it in a secret location for another “agent” to retrieve. The Spy Bolt sells for $20 on Amazon.

A Spy Christmas list hidden in a dead bolt

2) Envelope X-Ray Spray

While I would never encourage you to break the law, Envelope X-Ray Spray is a pretty nifty tool.  You simply spray the envelope and for the next 30 seconds it’s completely translucent, allowing you to see the contents.  After 30 seconds, the envelope returns to opaque normalcy with no discoloration or evidence of tampering. The X-Ray Spray sells for $12 on Amazon.

Envelope X-ray spray lets you spy on those lists to Santa

3) USB Keylogger

What if you have an employee who you think is sharing information with a competitor?

Well, a keylogger can track what they type into their keyboard. It connects via USB and can record chats, screenshots and any other information typed on the computer. A USB key logger sells for around $50 on Amazon.

USB Key Logger

4) Spy Lighter 

This device looks like an ordinary lighter, but don’t be fooled. It contains a hidden 1080P camera with an 8G-memory card.  The Spy Lighter also records audio, and it’s compatible with a PC or a Mac. It’s perfect for monitoring your office when you’re not there. It sells for around $40 on Amazon.

Video and audio lighter for spies

5) Spy Tec STI GL300 GPS Tracker 

This GPS tracker is great for tracking cars or people. It’s 5.5 inches long, 2.2 inches wide and only weighs about 5 ounces.  The GPS tracker uses Google Maps and has a $25 monthly monitoring fee. This tracker also allows you to set up a geo-fence that will notify you if the GPS tracker leaves a designated area. The Spy Tec STI GL300 sells for $70 on Amazon.
Spy on your car with the GPS tracker

6) Disappearing Ink Pen

The disappearing ink pen writes like a regular pen, but your notes will disappear within an hour. So if you want to share a secret message or jot down confidential information, this is the ideal implement to ensure your private memos vanish. These pens sell for around $5 on Amazon.


Invisible Ink Pen to keep your Christmas list a secret

Now Go Have Yourself a Merry Spy Christmas

I hope these suggestions help you knock out some more of your holiday shopping and bring a big smile to someone’s face on Christmas morning.

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The Mailbag

From Steve D: Thank you very much for this information. Humbly, because I am a cyber-idiot, I can offer some additional safeguards, I employ. Avoid Google, like the plague. Delete Google, as a search engine, from every device you own. This will create difficulty in using YouTube, but, oh well… For a search engine, use StartPage. StartPage securely uses Google for a search engine, keeping the user anonymous.

A: Thank you for this valuable information. I always appreciate it when readers share their tips and tricks too.

From Ken F: I received my tactical flashlight and it’s a beauty. So much so that my wife claimed it as a Christmas gift. Oh, well it will keep her safe in the car. I told her she could break a coconut with it. It’s that tough.

A: Your wife received an awesome Christmas gift and I know there are a lot of folks getting the SPYTAC X-6 for Christmas this year. (Click here to see the World’s Toughest Flashlight.)

From Maxine F: I always wear my tactical pen. Wherever I go. I never have any problem in airports or traveling. Ever. I had occasion to go to the San Diego County Office to pay my property tax…. going thru security line I was stopped by a Marshall on the security line. Questioning my pen… I laugh it off saying, “oh that’s my pen.” He picks it up looking at me… I am a 5’6″ 72 year old retired teacher with graying hair.

A: I’m glad you always have your pen with you and that you were able to take it with you to pay your property taxes.

From William M: Would you please remind me about the 2 types of ammo that you use in your Glock 19 – 9mm?  I remember the Speer Gold-Dot 9mm Luger 124 grain but I can’t find the other preferred ammo or manufacturer. Thank you for your help.

A: I use Speer Gold-Dot for my self-defense ammunition. As far as other ammo, I just use cheap training ammo.

From Josh S: I was wondering if next month I could upgrade to titanium? I’m just covering my bases first and checking out the options and I didn’t see an upgrade button for in case I want to go titanium.

A: Yes, you can upgrade your Personal Protection Alliance membership anytime. For full details on the upgraded membership click here. You can also send an email to when you’re ready to upgrade.

Nachelene R: I will be attending the April 2017 Spy Escape & Evasion course in Las Vegas, can you please provide the name of nearby hotels where we should stay?

A: Most of our attendees stay at the same hotel as where this event will be held. You should have received an email once you registered for the course providing you with the exact location along with other details. If you did not get that email please let us know. (We keep the course location confidential so others don’t try to “crash” the event.)


Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

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