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Video: What Spies Think of This Election

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This Week: The major impact of the election on CIA operatives… A review of the Las Vegas spy show… The self-defense tool you can’t have in Hawaii… The radio I use in my bug out bag… And, guns for the Ultimate Spy Week.

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With the election today, I shot a short video where I explain the difference between Democrats and Republicans and why Spies prefer Republican Presidents.

The fact is, Republicans are much better for national security and I explain why in my video about the 2016 election…



The Mailbag

From Diana S: My family and I have just been to your show in Las Vegas at the Stratosphere Hotel. Thank you for your wonderful performance. We all enjoyed it immensely. It can sometimes be a challenge to keep our pre-teens engaged, but they talked about your show for hours afterwards. You are an excellent teacher. We will recommend your website to all friends.

A: Thank you. It’s been very fun doing a stage show in Las Vegas. I’ll be at the Stratosphere Thursday-Saturday until the end of December.

From Jerry B: Do you know if the flashlight/stun gun is legal in Hawaii and Texas? I wish to get one for my wife, daughter-in-law and daughter. My wife and I live in Hawaii and my family lives in Texas.

A: Unfortunately, the stun gun flashlight is NOT legal in Hawaii, however you can have one in Texas. Click here to see the flashlight stun gun. Also, click on product video tab to see me get “tased” by my wife.

From Kent H: Jason, I’m a huge fan! I always wanted to be in either the FBI or CIA but life and kids happened. I love your spy gear, keep it coming, I buy as much as I can afford.

A: I really appreciate your support. Also, let me know if there’s any specific gear you want to see or questions you have so I know what you’re interested in.

From John W: Hi Jason, I just watched your video conference with Dennis Diaz recently. In that video you made recommendations for a number of items to have in your bug out bag. I found most but need to know the brand of the bug out bag itself, which you showed, and which of the many handheld Baofeng radios you were recommending…

A: For more information about the specific bug out bag you can e-mail Lisa at For the radio, I recommend the Baofeng UV-5R. There are different generations of this radio and I have the 2nd gen.

From: John L: I’d like to attend the Ultimate Spy Week but I don’t have my own firearms, can I rent that from you?

A: We are able to loan out guns during the week but we have a limited number. So, after you sign up simply send an email to Lisa and we’ll reserve the guns you need. Click here for more information on the Ultimate Spy Week.

From Gary S: Thank you for your help. I bought five of your books so I could give them to friends so that they could protect themselves from unsavory characters.

A: I’m glad you enjoyed the book and are keeping your family safe.


Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

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