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“I Just Got Robbed of $100,000”

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This Week: “I Just Got Robbed”… Tactical pen refills… A Boy Scout whistle… Father and son training together… And, where I get my food storage.

When she sat down at the table, I could see from her face that something was wrong.

Then she said to me, “I guess it’s a good thing I’m sitting across from you, I just got robbed. I lost over $100,000 worth of jewelry and other items were stolen from my home.”

I Just Got Robbed by a home invador

Then she said, “I have to leave in a few minutes, can you please give me some quick tips of what I should do so this never happens again?”

I happened to be at a business-networking event over the weekend when this conversation took place.

I could see the obvious distress in the woman’s eyes and I knew she was leaving in about 5 minutes to call the insurance company and deal with the burglary so here’s the quick advice I gave her that may be able to help you too:

  1. Put quality cameras around your home and make sure they cover every entrance. You want cameras such as the ones made by Hikvision and any competent alarm company will be able to install these.

Home Security Camera

  1. Get motion sensor lights – both wired and solar. If the power is out or a burglar cuts the wires you want solar motion sensor lights as a back up.
  1. Get quality locks – either the Medeco or the Schlage brand. Do not put Kwikset locks on your front door unless you want to make it super easy to get into your house.
  1. Get an alarm system and make sure you always set the alarm. You’d be amazed at how many people get robbed (who have an alarm) and they forgot to set it. When you leave the house set the “away” mode and when you go to sleep at night always set the “home” mode.

Keep yourself from getting robbed

  1. Put signs everywhere. You should have an alarm sign sticking in your grass in your front yard. Your exterior doors (especially the back door) should have the alarm company sticker on them too.
  1. Always leave a car in the driveway when you go out of town. Don’t put both cars in the garage. (You want to make it look like somebody’s home.)
  1. Be careful whom you trust with your key or your alarm code. Since I only had a few minutes with the woman above, I didn’t get the full story of the burglary.

However, with that amount of jewelry robbed from her home there’s a good chance it was an inside job. I deal with a lot of high net worth clients and when a burglary occurs you always want to look at the maid/nanny/help first.

Thief Stealing a Necklace

Like I said, I only had a few minutes to share tips with the woman who came to me saying, ” I just got robbed”. But, if she implements the list above she’ll be much better prepared to prevent a future burglary than probably anyone else in her neighborhood.

I hope that you too consider putting into action the items above. It’s a short list and since our home is our sanctuary it’s worth taking the time to make it as safe as possible.

The Mailbag


From Scott L: I have received your book and found it very informative. I really liked the chapter on securing your home, there were some things in there that I would have not thought of. I am a 12-year veteran of the Military and have done two deployments to Iraq and still have picked up some good tips from the book. Gave it 5 stars on Amazon…

A: Thank you for your kind words about the book. Most importantly, thank you for your service to our country. (If interested, you can get the book on Amazon here.)

From John L: What type of ink refills does the tactical pen use? I write with it on the regular.

A: The tactical pen refill can be purchased at Office Depot, it’s made by Furay (it must fit Parker ballpoints) and the size is Medium 1.2 mm.

From Steve C: I am very protective of good honest people. I love your company and products. Thanks for all you do.

A: Thank you Steve. I always try to treat others with the same service that I would expect.

From Greg M: For the person who has a teenager or any one looking for the best alarm to carry. I always carry a simple Boys Scout whistle in my pocket or around my neck. It’s loud, easy to use, doesn’t need batteries and I can make short or long bursts. I can do a S.O.S. I’m also an avid hiker. If I get lost, injured or need to scare away an animal your whistle can be your best friend.

A: That is great idea. A loud whistle will draw a lot of attention and hopefully make a criminal think twice.

From Michael S: Myself and my 18-year son and have already taken a few of your courses. We I just completed the Ultimate Spy Week, which for those unaware, is a series of self-defense courses. We both feel the training was invaluable, and that our level of situational awareness for everyday living is enhanced. I cannot thank you enough for this training. As a parent, I think it is very normal to worry about what might happen to our children. After the training, I feel much better about my son being out and about in the community. I feel that he is equipped to asses a situation, and make the right decisions BEFORE he acts/ If he is confronted with a dangerous situation, he will be much better equipped to plan his action, and cope with the fallout…

A: I’m glad you have been able to apply the training to your everyday lives. We had a great group of people at our last Spy Week. Click here to learn more about the Ultimate Spy Week 2017.

From Pat B: My wife and I are considering foodstuffs such as freeze-dried and more. Every Tuesday and Thursday container ships from Tacoma arrive with our food and stuff supplies from the Lower 48. It is a weak link if something interrupts the frail supply line. What foods and supplies do you suggest, as there are many companies out there and unsure of quality and pricing.

A: I recommend purchasing food storage from the LDS Church Home Storage Centers. You don’t have to be a member of the church to purchase food storage from them and they can ship you the items if there is not a location near you. Click here for the LDS Home Storage Center.


Stay safe,

Jason Hanson


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