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Where to Strike During a Knife Fight

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This Week: The parts of the body to strike during a knife fight… Where you can find the Spy Flashlight…Why trains are a bad idea when escaping… Researching places to disappear… And, where the next class takes place.

Every day I carry a gun and a knife.

I pray that I never have to use either, but I’d much rather be in a gunfight than a knife fight. (You’re more likely to survive being shot than getting one of your arteries slashed open with a knife.)

The thing is, more people have access to knives and carry knives than they do guns.

So, if heaven forbid, someone tries to attack you and all you have is a knife, here are the places on the body to strike that cause the most damage.

(This topic makes a lot of people squeamish, but it’s important to know how to end a knife fight even if it means causing serious harm to your attacker. Remember, the attacker is probably trying to kill you.)

Here’s the roadmap of where you want to strike someone who’s trying to kill…

1) Brachial Artery- This is a major artery in the upper arm that you could strike on either side of the body. Ideally, you would want to shove the knife underneath the attacker’s armpit and towards the heart.

Shoulder bone

2) Jugular Vein- The jugular vein is crucial in that it brings blood from your head to your heart. You will often hear people say to “go for the jugular” because it is such a critical vein in our body. You can attack the jugular on either side of the neck at the base of the head. The jugular is near the outside of the body, which makes it a good target as you will not need to get very deep to cause damage.

Human skull and airways


3) Heart- Similar to the brachial artery you would want to strike under their left armpit. When attacking under their armpit you would twist the knife as you are entering so their ribs wouldn’t block it. Depending on the knife you may not get deep into the heart, however you will cause major damage either way.

The entire arterial system is an effective attack point in a Knife Fight


4) Disembowment- Cut from hipbone to hipbone below the stomach. This would affect their intestinal tract and other major organs. The deeper you are able to push the knife the more damage you will cause. (I told you this would make some of you squeamish, but these are the cuts that will save your life in a knife fight.)

The stomach is a horrible place to be hit in a Knife Fight

5) Femoral Artery- This is the main artery to the lower parts of your body. It’s on the inside of your thigh near your pelvis and your leg. It’s on the inside of both of your legs and you would want to attack with a diagonal slash to the inside of the thigh.

Knife Fighters go for arteries

6) Under the Jaw- You want the knife to enter under the jaw going up towards the nasal passages. In other words, you’re shoving it straight up under the jaw towards the brain.

Facial muscles chart

7) Abdominal Aorta- This is the largest artery in the abdominal area. You would place the knife below the chest line where your ribs meet. This is in the center of the body and you would want to thrust in and then push the knife down towards the abdomen.

Kidney is a dangerous place to attack in a Knife Fight

If you were in a deadly knife fight situation, striking these areas with your knife would cause major damage and most likely stop the threat and give you a chance to flee to safety.


The Mailbag

From Rich S: Avoid using freight train as a way out of town. The days of an open boxcar door are long gone and other types of rail cars can kill you if you don’t know what you are doing.

A: I agree, this is not a good idea. I would not recommend this as a way to get out unless it was your last option.

From Mike P: I’m an avid outdoorsman and I have used the type of unique flashlight that you offer. Many of my friends also used them for hunting and fishing, unfortunately I cannot find these in the marketplace…

A: The flashlight you mentioned and all of our products can be purchased from our online Spy store at

From Mark W: I just finished reading a previous article on the best places to disappear to. While I don’t need to disappear, I am planning on moving out of my current apt., and am interested in going to the type of places you recommended. Two questions: 1. I’ve heard that in those places, you can rent a house for the same, or even less, than what I would have to spend for a decent 2 bed, 2 bath apt in my current location (1200-1400a month). Is that true? If so, I would definitely relocate. Second, dumber, question: How do you find cities the size you recommend without actually getting in your car and spending weeks (months!)

A: In smaller towns you can almost always find cheaper rent than in the bigger cities. When I first moved to my small town I rented a townhouse for $725 a month. It would have cost me $1,600 in the DC area. Also, I would check or you can Google a city and you will find the population and any other information you would like to know.

From Fred H: How do I get the 37 items in the “Bug Out Bag?”

A: Click here for more information on the 37 crucial items I recommend in your bug out bag.

From Taran L: I have been leading teams of people overseas to the country of Haiti for the past 10-15 years, was in country during the civil war that broke out and have found so much of the above advice to be true. I appreciate reading your briefs and teaching in how I can continue to grow in my survival, escape, and evasion skills!

A: Thank you for your support and stay safe when traveling since you’re going to the more dangerous parts of the world.

From: Brett S: How can we get a list of when and where the upcoming spy classes will be held for the next year?

A: Click here for more information about the March Spy Class in Las Vegas. You can also get full details on the Ultimate Spy Week right here. We just finished the Ultimate Spy Week 2016 and the picture of the awesome group we had is below.

Ultimate Spy Week 2016 Group Photo













Stay safe,

Jason Hanson


  • Igor K. says:

    Few months ago I read your article about best survival rifles. Unfortunately I can not find it on your site anymore. Can you post a link for this article.. Thank You very much.

  • James Peyton says:

    Thanks for all the great information!

    When I originally signed up after reading your book, I found several free videos, including how use the lock picks. I was about to order the lock pick set but am unable to find the instructional video, which I will need. I would appreciate it if you would let me know how to access that one as well as the other videos.

    Many thanks!

  • John Rolston says:

    Had to share something that happened today. In my business activities, I am routinely in & out of various courthouses in the Denver metro area, including other places that usually have metal detectors. I had parked my car & was walking a couple blocks to the courthouse when I remembered I had just received your tactical pen the day before. I had it in my pocket, along with a Klarus XT1A & debated whether to go back to the car & drop them off. Instead I decided to see what would happen. There’s a sign on the side of the metal detector saying, among other things, “No self-defense items of any kind allowed”. All I did was remove the cap of the pen, stick it on the back covering the business end & dropped it in the tray. Both the flashlight & the pen came through with no questions asked!
    Thanks for showing me that I CAN be protected at all times…


  • Mark Willis says:

    Jason: I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding offer this weekend on the Spy Class and Home Defense video packages. While I realize that video training will never be quite as good as live, intensive, hands-on training in person with you, it is still a lot better than not getting the training at all. And, as you pointed out, the overwhelming majority of us will simply never be able to attend one of your live classes, so these videos were literally life-savers for us. And to say your price for these videos, on unique and vital information that simply is not available anywhere else at any price, was more than fair would be a gross understatement of the worst kind. The fact is, your price was extremely generous, to put it mildly. I know this is probably asking too much, but I’m hoping you’ll have a similar package on your Master Class, Ultimate Spy Week available by Christmas or New Years. That would be absolutely awesome. But either way, thanks again for what you already did for us this weekend. You provided a tremendous public service and benefit for a huge number of concerned citizens who really needed it. Keep up the outstanding work.

  • Mark Willis says:

    To James Peyton: There is a you tube video called Spy Escape and Evasions-23-How to pick locks, by Akos Juhasz, that is almost 11 minutes long and shows Jason demonstrating proper technique a few times in a row, close-up. When you bring that one up, you tube will also list several other videos of Jason demonstrating other techniques, such as escaping from rope and duct tape, and hot-wiring cars. Enjoy.

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