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A Nasty Improvised Weapon – The Survival Hammer

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This Week: How to make a Survival Hammer… The list of supplies you need… The guns I carry these days… Paul Harvey’s post on Policemen… And, the AR-15 workshop.

When I’m walking around Lowe’s or Home Depot (usually buying rope or duct tape) I always walk the aisles looking for “crazy” things to build.

One of the items that falls under this category is what I call the Survival Hammer.

It’s a devastating improvised weapon that could easily smash out a car window or bust a padlock or any number of things.

It’s simple to build on your own and doesn’t cost much at all. Here’s how to do it…

Tool needed:

Pipe wrench

Pipe wrench





Items needed:

1- black steel pipe 3/4 inch X 18 inch – $7.28

black steel pipe 3/4 inch X 18 inch






1- Black Tee 3/4 inch – $2.78

Black Tee 3/4 inch






2- Black Steel Pipe Nipple 3/4 inch X 1 1/2 inch- $1.38 ea

Steel Pipe Nipple 3/4 inch X 1 1/2 inch






1- Black Cap 3/4 inch – $1.78 (I would recommend two of these if you want one at the bottom so it is easier to grip the pipe.)

Black Cap 3/4 inch






1- Black Reducer Coupling 3/4 inch X 1/2 inch – $2.37

Black Reducer Coupling






1-Black Plug 1/2 inch – $1.38

Black Plug






Like I mentioned, all of these items can be purchased at your local hardware store. I purchased mine from Lowe’s and the total was under $20.

Here’s how to assemble your Survival Hammer:

  1.  Take the Tee and attach a Pipe Nipple to the two opposite ends of the Tee
  2.  Screw the Black Cap on to one of the Nipple Ends
  3.  On the Nipple opposite the Cap screw the Black Reducer Coupling onto the Nipple
  4.  Screw the Black Plug onto the Reducer Coupling
  5.  Screw the bottom of the Tee into the 18 inch steel pipe

If all goes well, this is what it should look like:

Survival Hammer










The Mailbag


From Dennis S: Jason, how do I get a copy of the 37 essential for my bug out bag?

A: It’s part of the Personal Protection Alliance. You can get a free copy today right here.

From Steve B: Hi Jason. Sir, I have read as many articles that I can from you and look forward to your e-mails more than all others. You have even printed two of my comments in the past. Plus many negative comments meant to insult you and you respond like a gentleman. I just want to say thank you from my heart to a person who commits much of himself to help others.

A: Steve, your comments are truly appreciated. I do get my share of negative comments but as long as I’m doing what I believe is right, then I don’t care what those people say.

From Lee P: Jason, I have bought five copies of your book, given four of them to friends because I think it that important and informative. I will probably continue to do so as I don’t think there is the equivalent anywhere else.

A: Thanks so much Lee for buying my book and spreading the word to help keep more people safe.

From Jeff C: Powerful post. Very appreciated. Check out Paul Harvey’s “What Are Policemen Made Of?”. I know it’s before your time, but you’ll enjoy it. Thank you again for the great training in Virginia. Had a great time and enjoyed comparing girlfriend Mob Stories.

A: I just read it. It’s very good and he makes excellent points. Thank you for passing this along.

From Mark W: I really appreciate your realistic, practical advice on weapons in general, and guns in particular. Every other preparedness writer out there always says to carry the most powerful gun available, specifically, a high capacity .44 magnum, even if you’re a woman. Several years ago I was actually stupid enough to follow this advice, and the first day I wore the pistol and spare magazines, I swear to God the rig was so heavy it literally pulled my pants down around my ankles…

A: I must say, this gave me a good laugh. I’m glad your pants only fell down and nothing worse. The fact is, a lot of folks try too hard to act “macho” and impress people and they don’t actually carry the guns they recommend. Me, I’ve got nothing to prove. The gun I carry most often these days is a Sig Sauer P238 in my front pocket or a Sig Sauer P250 on my hip.

From John P: I had a question about the timing and cost for upcoming (not the one next week) Underground AR-15 courses. I couldn’t find any info on any of the websites.

A: The last AR-15 workshop for 2016 is on October 7-8. You can get full details here. (We just had one this past weekend and had a great time. Here’s a note that a fellow named John just sent me: I thoroughly enjoyed attendance in the AR-15 training this passed Friday and Saturday. It was a once in a lifetime experience.”)



Stay safe,

Jason Hanson



  • Mark Willis says:

    I was very interested in your information about pocket holsters and the newer model guns like the Sig Sauer P238 that are small enough to fit in them but are still powerful enough to get the job done. I also appreciated your advice on the proper way to draw your weapon without muzzling yourself. That had always been a big problem for me. I had always carried large caliber pistols in hip holsters. And, like a lot of people nowadays, I have tended to be seriously overweight for a large part of my life. Therefore, I had large love handles that made it impossible to pull my pistol straight up, and instead forced me to twist the butt far to the side, which obviously always resulted in me muzzling my leg. It also made for a very slow, awkward draw. My new P238 and pocket holster have solved all these problems beautifully. Thank you for your usual outstanding advice and recommendations. You are really making a difference.

  • Mark Willis says:

    P.S. My accuracy has also improved noticeably since I gave up the large caliber, ‘macho’ guns, and switched to the smaller, much easier to control guns. Thanks again.

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