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7 Thoughts On America (And Why You Don’t Want To Leave)

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This Week: My thoughts on America… The difference between winners and losers… Police take two hours to arrive… The knife sharpener I use… A reader saves his neighbor… And, the Tactical Pen does take the Fisher space pen refill.

I love the Fourth of July…

Celebrating American Independence with a flag and fireworks

And after going to a parade yesterday, barbecuing with my family, and watching fireworks, I was reflecting this morning on how blessed we are to live in America.

The truth is, I never forget how lucky I am to live here and every day I thank God to have been born here.

But, I know that our country isn’t perfect and things seem pretty bad right now. However, here are a few things that I believe without out a doubt about our country and its future…

  1. The best days are ahead of us. We are a resilient nation and will overcome whatever obstacles and hardships come our way.
  1. We will have a day of reckoning and it will result in temporary chaos, perhaps a timeframe of 30-60 days. This is why it’s crucial to have supplies and food storage. I just read a quote by a religious leader that said, “Your food storage will be just as important as the Ark was to Noah.” And, if you don’t believe me, ask the people of Venezuela how much they wish they had food storage right now.

Stored food on shelves

  1. America will always be the best country to live in. I know plenty of people talk about buying retreats overseas and relocating to a different country. But no country in the world has our liberties and this is why I don’t own land in any other country and have no plans to ever “flee” the U.S.
  1. The Second Amendment will always be a critical Amendment because it ensures all of the other ones will exist. So, if you don’t like it, then realize you wouldn’t have your freedom of speech and all of your other freedoms if our forefathers weren’t inspired of God to create the Amendments they did.
  1. Although I believe our best days are ahead of us, I don’t think our government will ever get better or ever change. Governments are corrupt by nature and it’s up to good private citizens to keep things going despite the government.
Lobbyist bribing a politician who is campaigning for office

Lobbyist bribing a politician who is campaigning for office. Full body isolated on white.

  1. Personal responsibility will always be the difference between “winners and losers” in this country. There will always be those that work hard, don’t play the victim, and create their own destinies. And, there will always be those that want everything for free, blame others, and try to bring the successful down.
  1. You and I have it easy compared to our ancestors who traveled across oceans in crowded boats or crossed the freezing plains in covered wagons or risked their lives by signing the Declaration of Independence.


The Mailbag

From “Richard P”: I too wasn’t “anti-gun” nor “pro-gun”; however after dealing with a “dangerous stalking/ harassment neighbor” situation the last year I decided [covertly then] to join the NRA, get training, obtain my 30+ State CCW/ CFP permit while looking to relocate simultaneously. The tipping point was when I made a police report, but it took MORE THAN TWO HOURS for the police to arrive and they said “it’s kind of hard to prove STALKING”.

A: I’m glad you’re okay and things didn’t turn out worse. Far too many people realize the importance of having a firearm for protection after something horrible has already happened to them.

From Mary L: What do you use for sharpening your knives?

A: I use the Lansky BladeMedic, you can get it on Amazon.

From Steve F: Hello Jason. Please tell Kelly McGillis that there are 3 kinds of people in this world; wolves, sheep, and sheep dogs. In Feb. 2014 I heard my neighbor constantly yelling for a man to get off her because she could not breath. I responded by dialing 911, getting a gun, and knocking on her door yelling that I was armed and the police were on the way. 2 men ran out and away leaving a hard breathing mother with a 1-year-old baby in her arms. Have a good day and trust in Jesus!

A: Thank you for saving your neighbor and acting quickly. I wish more people would help each other out, but so many folks would rather look the other way.

From Bill D: Your tactical pen also can use the Fisher space pen refill, which is pressurized and will write upside down and under water.

A: You are correct. It can take numerous types of refills including the Fisher.

From Mary P: I finally started reading the gear reviews, etc and am loving it!

A: I’m glad to hear it. There is a ton of valuable information you get as a member of the Personal Protection Alliance, including monthly gear reviews, training videos, and special reports. Click here to join the Alliance and get some free gifts.

From Joe L: Does Jason teach all the live courses himself?

A: Yes, I do.



Stay safe,

Jason Hanson


  • Mark Willis says:

    Over the last few decades (I am 57), I have read everything I could on emergency preparedness, self-defense, and personal responsibility in general in this age of the ‘big brother’ welfare state, and thought I was pretty well set, but after just one month of reading your materials, it is obvious those other writers don’t have a clue, and therefore, neither did I. I have already learned more about how to prepare properly for an emergency, what weapons to own, how to use them properly so you only hurt your attacker and not yourself or family, and, more importantly, how to avoid ever finding yourself caught in an emergency situation to begin with, which none of the other writers seemed to think was possible. As of now, I am cancelling my other subscriptions, and spending every penny on your gear and courses. Thank you for the outstanding work from the one true professional in the business. Keep it up.

    • Jason Hanson says:

      I really appreciate your kind words and will continue to do everything I can to provide you the best training and information as possible.

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