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8 Random Things I Learned This Weekend

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This Week: The random tactical beard… Rabid dogs… Farming… Ideas for the last ditch kit… Where to get food storage… And, the heavy bag for working out.

This past weekend, I wasn’t teaching any courses and got to have a nice relaxing time with the family.


While the kids were napping, I also had time to go down the Internet rabbit hole and watch way too many YouTube videos. Here are a few (totally random) things I learned over the weekend, which will make you see I’m in a strange mood this morning…

1. After watching tons of YouTube gun videos I’ve come to one major conclusion: If I’m ever going to be cool I need to grow a tactical beard because it’s a surefire way to get people to like you and believe anything you say.

2. When you can’t find anything to do, you can always purchase a new holster. I bought an inside the waistband Kydex holster for my Sig P250.

3. If you ever want to know what it’s like to own a rabid dog, have a two-year old son. They’re wildly unpredictable and will bite without warning.

4. I need to have patience and relax more. When I was in a hurry and in the checkout line at Cal-Ranch (Wal-Mart for Cowboy’s) a lady pulled out her checkbook to pay. The girl at the cash register acted like she’d never seen a real check and took forever to process it. I was not happy about this.

5. We went to a local farm where you could buy their fruits and vegetables and the kids could see all of the animals such as the cows, pigs, and chickens. While everyone had fun this was a good reminder that I have zero desire to be a farmer.

6. Open carrying a firearm (which is legal in Utah and several other states), while dressed like Rambo does not make you look like an “operator”… unless you have a tactical beard.

7. I need to sign up for a pistol course this year. Each year, I try and attend at least one pistol course and I still need to get that on my 2016 calendar.

8. I will never enjoy cleaning guns. Even though its important and I always clean my guns, I will never shout for joy when doing it. Perhaps this is because I have flashbacks of getting yelled at when cleaning my guns at the Agency because there was a speck of dirt on them.


Like I said, totally random stuff from the weekend, but maybe there’s a nugget or two in there for you. What did you learn last time you relaxed? Leave us your comments.


The Mailbag


From Ivan M: I love my new Escape & Evasion Gun Belt! I ordered the brown one, which was a little lighter than I expected so I used coconut oil on it and it now matches my hiking boots. Thank you for making such an awesome product.

A: I’m glad you like the belt and good thinking on the use of the coconut oil. (Click here to get your Escape & Evasion Gun Belt.)

From Dave C: I’m tardy in getting this info to you, but I have a couple of concrete suggestions regarding the last-ditch Nalgene bottle escape kit: Wrap 6-10’ of duct tape neatly around the outside of the bottle (I use Gorilla Tape). Line the inside of the bottle with aluminum foil.  This both camouflages the items inside from view and makes it look like the bottle contains a fluid.  Foil has 101 uses, too!

A: Great ideas, thank you for passing these along.

From Hans A: In your book, which is buried somewhere in my boxes of books, you mentioned a network of food canneries run by Mormons? There must be some in this area, the Finger Lakes of NY. Could you get me the contact info for them? I’d like to stock up a little. Not too much, as I’m still in a small apartment. I’d just like to know where to go if/when the need arises.

A: You’re referring to the LDS Cannery, which is where I get the majority of my food storage. Go to this link here and you can see if there’s one near you:

From Gil D: Hi Jason. After viewing the elbow strike it became clear to me that my workout routine was missing something. I’m 62 years old and considered myself in great shape for my age I go to the gym 4 times a week and the girls still like me! But trying this elbow strike showed me quickly that I am not limber anymore so I’m changing my workout routine to include some of these moves we have a heavy bag at my gym just punching it is not enough.

A: Good for you for going to the gym four times per week. Also, using the heavy bag to practice the elbow strike is a great way to train yourself to properly do the strike.

From Cal S: I’m attending the Ultimate Spy Week in August, where can I send my ammo to?

A: I’ll have Lisa send you an email with the mailing address and full details of your Ultimate Spy Week adventure. (The Ultimate Spy Week 2016 is full, but for details about 2017, click here.)


Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

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