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This Week: How to use your elbow to stop an attacker… What to do on a flight when a high jacking takes place… Escaping restraints with your hands behind your back… And, The Underground AK-47 workshop.

Self-defense moves need to be very simple. In a life and death situation you’re not going to remember 37 different “ninja” techniques, which is why I’m going to share with you today a video from my buddy Damian Ross.

Damian has 3 black belts and has also done private security so he knows what he’s talking about.

The video I asked him to share is a super-simple way to use your elbow to stop an attacker. In fact, one of Damian’s students used this when he was followed out to his car and someone started harassing him.

Click here to go to Damian’s video. The video is free and it’s only two minutes long. (Once you click above, just scroll down and you’ll see the video.)


The Mailbag


From David F: If you were on a airline flight with a high jacking in progress, what would you do? How do you move off of “X” when you are a passenger confined in a small space with other potential victims

A: We learned from September 11th that you now must rush the attackers and take them down at all costs. If they have a knife or gun, you can still get off the X if you’re trained in knife or gun disarms. You don’t need much space to get a gun barrel out of your face or move away from a knife blade. (You would direct the weapons toward the ceiling and obviously, not toward a fellow passenger.)

From Tyler C: Simply an email to let you know that I appreciate everything you do to keep us safe and informed. I have bought over five of your tactical pens, three credit card knives and your bug-out/take away bag. All super legit. I just wanted to send an email your way letting you know your advice and information is the bee’s knees. I am lucky I took your CCW class in Fairfax, VA. I must have hit the lottery. Keep on, keepin’ on.

A: You’ve been with me a long time since you took one of my classes when I lived in Virginia. Thank you for taking your time to send this note, I’m always grateful to get these in a world full of negativity.

From Wayne R: When will you be holding your Spy Escape & Evasion course in D.C. again? I can’t make it to the June 3-4, 2016 class but would really like to take this course.

A: I only make it out to the DC area about once a year. The next course will likely be in June of 2017 and I can send you an email when I have a firm date.

From Frank D: I’ve watched several of your handcuff, duct tape and zip tie restraint escape videos. Each one demonstrates escape when hands are bound in front of the body. Can you demonstrate escape methods for being bound with hands behind the back?

A: I teach these in the live courses. It’s obviously more difficult and takes longer when your hands are behind your back. The good news is, criminals typically put your hands in front. (It’s easier to kidnap you and lead you around this way.)

From Jeff T: Do you have any plans to bring your AK-47 Live workshop to the west coast someday? Thanks.

A: Yes, eventually we will have some classes in the West but it won’t be this year and probably not next year either. (Click here for details about the Underground AK-47 course.)


Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

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