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Should You Buy a Security Guard Dog?

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This Week: Reconstructive surgery for a 22-year-old man… What to look for in a guard dog… A $200,000 guard dog… Where to find the workout routine… How to carry the Micro Spy Tool… And, the Escape & Evasion Driving Experience.

Last year, at 12:40am, a 24-year old Calhoun County, Michigan man was asleep in his home when he heard a loud noise. As he went to investigate the noise he confronted an intruder and was physically assaulted by the suspect.

Guard Dog Sign

Luckily for the homeowner his dog attacked the intruder causing him to retreat out of the home. The criminal was severely injured by the dog bites and he immediately went to a local hospital. The injuries inflicted by the dog were so extensive that the 22-year-old suspect had to be transported to another hospital for reconstructive surgery.

Now, I’m sure many of us have experienced a minor dog bite but I can’t imagine being bitten so badly that reconstructive surgery was needed. I’m sure this lowlife learned a lesson about breaking into someone’s home. There is no doubt this dog saved its owner from a horrible beating and possibly death.

The fact is, it’s well known that criminals are terrified of dogs, which is why dogs are great for home defense. In a survey of 300 prisoners convicted of burglary, 95% admitted that a home with a dog would scare them away.

However, there’s a difference between buying a “regular” dog and hoping it will be able to scare an intruder away and buying a true security guard dog. If you want a dog that’s bred and trained for security purposes than you need to go through a reputable dog trainer.

Even if you’re familiar with dogs you want one that is bred through strong lines and has been trained by a professional. I would be very careful about purchasing a dog and then training it on your own to be a security dog. This can lead to accidental dog bites and liability if the dog attacked someone.

Guard Dog being trained

Also, it’s important to remember that there is a difference between a watchdog and an attack dog so you need to decide which is best for you. A dog that is trained to attack will need a lot more training and will come with more responsibility. A dog that is trained to simply alert you and scare away strangers may be a better fit for most families.

When it comes to buying dogs that have been trained for security you can literally spend anywhere from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars depending on the dog and the amount of training.

A Minnesota man named John J., who is an executive for a large company, owns a security dog that cost over $200,000. (I realize many people don’t spend that amount on a home, let alone a dog.)

There is a company called Harrison K9 that trains very expensive and incredibly well trained dogs. The owners of the company used to train elite military dogs but started working with private citizens who needed personal protection. Many celebrities have purchased security dogs from Harrison because they believe they are more effective than hiring body guards.

Two german shepherds

You and I know that having a dog will be a deterrent to a criminal whether or not it’s a $200,000 dog. But, if you’ve got the money and want the best guard dog money can buy then you ought to look into one of these professionally trained dogs. And, if you don’t own a dog yet, at the very least, have a dog bowl at your front or back door and even consider putting up some “Beware of Dog” signs.


The Mailbag

From Brian G: I saw a workout routine that you do, and now I can’t find it again. Could you send me the list please? At 58 I need something I can do any were without hurting myself. Thanks, love your info.

A: I wrote about my workout routine a few weeks ago, you can see it here. Just keep in mind, it isn’t easy and you’ll want to adjust the numbers according to the shape you’re in.

Form Chris F: Do you ship to Canada?

A: Yes we do. If you visit our store at you can see the option to ship to Canada. You don’t have to order over the phone and can take care of everything online.

From Martin R: How do you carry the Micro Spy Tool?  If you carry it in your pocket, is it sharp enough to cut or tear your pocket and/or your skin?  Do you need a sheath to carry it in?

A: I carry it in my pocket. However, it is sharp and if you fell down there is a chance you could hurt yourself. I’ve never had a problem with it tearing my pocket or skin but I wear cargo pants and am careful when drawing it. I do like your idea of creating a sheath, which is certainly something I will look into.

From Jeremy W: I just finished writing a review for Amazon, just wanted to say i love your books and courses. Can’t talk long but I just wanted to say please keep up the good work and help families like mine with your amazing books and courses. If it weren’t for the info i got from you I would be a victim all the time. So thank you and have a blessed day.

A: Thank you and I’m glad you’re keeping your family safe. There’s nothing more important or precious in the world.

From David P: Hi my name’s David and I live in the UK. I would really like to take a course with you but wondered if you would be over in the UK any time soon? I would love to learn the skills you teach in person. I have your book and think it is one of the best I’ve read.

A: I don’t have any dates on the calendar to go to the UK. However, someone else was asking me about this last week. If I put a training date on the calendar I will definitely send you an email.

From Sully M: We loved last week’s driving class! My son was showing the videos for the roadblock drill to his physics teacher.

A: I had a great time with your group at the driving course and I imagine your son is now the coolest kid in the class, especially with the videos of the roadblock drill and the 180-reverse turn. (Click here if you haven’t attended the Escape & Evasion Driving Experience and would like more details.)


Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

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