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6 Tips For Protecting Data in the Cloud

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This Week: Protecting your personal data in the cloud… Companies to consider using… What you should never do… The workout routine is for every age… Flying with a gun… And, states where stun guns are illegal.


Many of us store significant amounts of information in the cloud. If you happen to be one of these people, check out the tips below to make sure your cloud data doesn’t get hacked…








1. Use a service that encrypts your data while in the cloud. Just as important, make sure your data is encrypted while being both uploaded and downloaded from the cloud. Companies such as SpiderOak and Tresorit do a good job encrypting and protecting your data.


2. Make sure the cloud storage company never has access to your password. For instance, the popular service Dropbox keeps your password on their server so employees have access to it. Other cloud storage services such as Google Drive do the same thing. You want your password and all your information to be encrypted all of the time.


3. Always back up your data with a physical drive. Since technology isn’t perfect, you never want to rely 100% on your information always being available in the cloud. Back up your data on a hard drive from every two weeks to once a month.


4. Use a strong password. The fact is, your personal information in the cloud is most likely to be hacked when someone cracks your password. So, don’t use 12345 as your password, instead use something such as Ball%$90Stree!


5. Avoid storing information that you don’t want the world to see. In other words, nude photos, tax returns, and other highly sensitive information should never be stored in the cloud no matter what levels of security your cloud storage offers.


6. Don’t upload or download information from the cloud when using public Wi-Fi. Over public Wi-Fi, a knowledgeable hacker will be able to obtain the passwords and account information of any sites you visit. If you have no other choice but to use your cloud storage over public Wi-Fi make sure you’re using a Virtual Private Network such as TunnelBear.







The Mailbag


Robert C: For future reference, how does one arrive to the Escape & Evasion Pistol course by commercial airlines carrying a pistol?


A: Flying with your gun in your luggage is very simple. First, a gun can only go in your checked baggage. It must be unloaded and in a hard side case and the case must be locked. The ammunition must be kept separate. When you get to the airline counter tell them you need to declare a firearm and ammunition. They will make you sign a card that says you’re allowed to have the gun and that it’s unloaded. It really is that simple, but call the airlines or go to their website for further information.


From Diane L: Please send me information on your product, the Tactical Pen. My friend has purchased several and highly recommends it as a personal self-defense device. I would like to do the same. Thank you.


A: The Tactical Pen is my favorite self-defense tool. You can get full details by clicking here.


From David K: Very happy with your products. Just read your workout blog post and have a question. I’m 62, retired AF colonel, and like you let my workout routines disappear in the years since I retired from the AF. Do you have a recommended “old guys” routine?


A: The same routine I do, I recommend for every age. One of the strongest and most in shape people I know is in his late 60’s.


From Len N: I recently purchased your stung gun/flashlight device, are they legal in California?


A: Yes, they are. Here are the 7 states where stun guns are illegal: Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.


From Gary P: I agree with you on the Walther PPk. The full-sized Walther PP in .32 ACP, as used by German police prior to the mid-1970s was accurate and reliable in that caliber, for which the pistol was designed, but it is less so in the .380 caliber. The .32 ACP would not be my choice, either.


A: Some people have had good experiences with the Walther and others have not. I happen to fall into the latter category and would not use one for concealed carry.


Greg S: Do you have a catalog, or at least a list of items I might purchase?


A: Click here to see all of the items we offer at our Spy Store.


Stay safe,

Jason Hanson


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