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My Workout Routine (Could you save your own life?)

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This Week: The type of workout routine I did when I was with the Agency… My weekly workout routine… Uber is finally exposed… The Sig Sauer P320… And, where to get the bulletproof panels.


When I was with the Agency I was in the best shape of my life. In addition to the (involuntary) workouts we did in training, I was working out like crazy in my free time too.

Workout Routine

After all, if you’re not in shape you may not be able to save your own life in a crisis situation. This may include having to walk a long distance, having to sprint from a dangerous situation, or carrying your escape bag on your back for a while.


In fact, here’s a great quote from an author named Earle Liederman about the importance of working out.


“Every man should be able to save his own life. He should be able to swim far enough, run fast and long enough to save his life in case of emergency and necessity. He also should be able to chin himself a reasonable number of times, as well as to dip a number of times, and he should be able to jump a reasonable height and distance.”


The thing is, when I left the Agency in 2010 and started my own business I became extremely busy and I let my workout routine slide. I was still running daily but I wasn’t doing the things I did when I was with the Agency.

Workout Routine

Of course, as we all know, the older you get the more your metabolism slows down and I was watching my pants get tighter and the numbers on the scale get larger. I used to step on my wife’s scale and make a joke about how I was getting fat and lament how I was in such good shape when I was with the Agency.


Finally, after numerous times of saying this, my wife quipped back, “Then why don’t you start working out and doing the exercises you used to do?”


And that’s exactly what I did.


In the “intelligence business” the kind of workouts we like are bodyweight exercises. This is because you never know where you’re going to be and there’s a good chance you won’t have a gym or weights around.

Workout Routine

Plus, these days, I travel so much that I like to be able to workout in my hotel room and any place else I may find myself.


You can get in darn good shape doing bodyweight exercises and it’s a huge myth that you need a fancy gym with all types of equipment.


Below, is a sample workout routine of mine, if you’re interested in what I do. If you’ve never worked out before then you would obviously reduce the number of repetitions. If you work out all of the time you may want to do a lot more. (Remember, this is just a sample.)


Also, to give you a fair warning, the first two weeks of doing this will be tough, but after that you’ll feel a lot better and stronger and the workout will not be as difficult.


Here’s my workout routine for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This workout takes about 45 minutes. If you aren’t sure what a particular exercise is you can do a quick Google search to find out.


  • Push ups-31

  • Hindu squats-57

  • Tricep dips-11

  • Sit ups-40

  • Hip thrusts-35

  • Pull ups-5

  • Push ups-20

  • Wall sit for 60 seconds

  • Hip Hinges-25

  • Curl ups- 6

  • Leg lifts-21

  • Pull ups-2

  • Lunges-26

  • Push ups-17

  • Curl ups-3

  • Flutter kicks-225

  • Pike push ups-13

  • Regular squats-27

  • Plank for 60 seconds

  • Push up-15

  • Windshield wiper abs-24


Here’s the Tuesday and Thursday workout routine:


High intensity workout routine: 30 seconds on and 10 seconds rest, do this 8 times.


  • Burpees

  • Jumping jacks

  • Mountain climbers

  • Star jumps

  • High knees


I realize that at the beginning working out isn’t necessarily fun. But once you start doing it you feel a whole lot better and you’re also in a better position to be self-reliant and save your own life if the time ever comes.


The Mailbag


From Bart B: Jason – I carry a tactical pen when I cruise. In fact I encourage others to do so also. There is crime in almost every port of call for cruise ships. This is something cruise companies do not want to advertise or inform their passengers of. Cruisers need to think before going ashore.


A: You are 100% right. Criminals love to target tourists who are coming off cruise ships.


From Matt A: Hi Jason-Loved your book and love your blog. I am a retired police detective and current private investigator. In regards to Uber, you are correct-it is not a good idea. I did an internet search for “Uber Background check” and from their own site found this in very light colored and small font at the bottom: “* Uber’s screening process does not require fingerprints, Live Scan, or the DOJ/FBI databases.”


A: Thank you for the information. I recently found out the background check Uber does costs them about $1.85 and is a complete joke. The only reason they do it is for publicity purposes so they can say their drivers passed a background check.


From Steven B: The last month I flew to Disneyland to meet our children and their families. I went through the airport with my Tactical Pen and walked thru Disneyland’s security checkpoints numerous times with no problem. Last week I went thru a Federal Court building’s security in Salt lake a few times with my Tactical Pen–no problem!


A: Thank you for sharing, I’m glad to see you’re protecting yourself. (I’ve been in all types of highly secure buildings with my Tactical Pen too.) Click here for details and to purchase a Tactical Pen.


From Harold L: Please let me know your opinion of the Sig P320 subcompact 40. My wife is a new shooter. She doesn’t do well with my Glock 19 saying it’s to big in her hand. She liked the feel of the M&P Shield in 9mm but is not very accurate with it. I just acquired the Sig P320 and even going from a 9mm to a 40 cal her pattern at 21 feet is reduced by half.


A: The Sig is a great gun, I like it. I’m very surprised to hear she shoots better with a .40 caliber, as almost everyone shoots better with 9mm. However, if that’s what works for her and she’s comfortable, definitely use it.


From Bill S: Hey Ben. Hello, I was in the army for 8 years as a medic and military police. I now own a private armed security company and have 28 years of martial arts experience. Jason was CIA. Others here are like us and we all agree with Jason. What’s your credentials? Lol


A: I’m with you. Every time someone criticizes me I would like to ask the same thing. (What are your credentials?)


From Scott S: What bulletproof panel do you use? Surprisingly difficult to find on Amazon, etc.


A: Click here and you’ll go directly to the bulletproof panel that I carry in my laptop bag.


Stay safe,



  • Lou D'Elia says:

    Where do I get refills for my Tactical Pens that I purchased from you last year. I use them and the ink is now out of one of them. Thanks!!

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