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This Week: The purpose of a last ditch kit… What I carry in mine… The winner of the Spy Kit… Putting a credit freeze with all three bureaus… Taking a Tactical Pen on a Caribbean cruise… And, moving to the place I call home.


In the back of my car I have my Escape Bag. This is a backpack that contains numerous items to help me survive the first 72-hours of a crisis. However, what if during a crisis I were unable to reach my bag? Or maybe the bag was slowing me down and I needed to run for my life to escape a dangerous situation?

Last Ditch Kit

Or what about if you travel often like I do and it’s impractical to haul a large backpack around the country?


Well, that’s where a last ditch kit comes in. As the name implies, it’s a bare-bones kit to keep you alive when you’ve had to ditch your Escape Bag or your other supplies because of some crazy circumstance.


And while a lot of folks put together their last ditch kit in a small cloth pouch, I prefer to use a water bottle such as a Nalgene bottle.

Last Ditch Kit

In this Nalgene bottle I keep the supplies below. Just remember, the point of this kit is not to include the kitchen sink. It’s bare bones with only the necessities that can fit in a small pouch or bottle.


-$60 in cash in a Ziploc bag

-Credit card knife

-10 feet of paracord

-Chlor-Floc (water purification used by the military)

– Datrex Emergency Drinking Water pouch

– MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Meal Replacement Bar


-Swedish FireSteel

-Bic lighter

-Dryer lint in a Ziploc bag

-Spy Flashlight


-Small roll of duct tape



Of course, you can configure your last ditch kit however you wish, and I hope the items above have given you a few ideas. I also hope you never have to ditch your main set of gear for this, but since life is unpredictable it’s always a good idea to be prepared.




Before we get to the mailbag, I want to announce the winner of the Spy Kit. Congratulations to Terey B.! I hope you and your daughter enjoy this kit and it will be shipped to you within 48 hours.

Last Ditch Kit


From Lisa A: Last week you mentioned putting a freeze on your credit, I’ve done that with one credit bureau but I’m wondering if I need to do it with all three of them.


A: You do need to do it with all three of them so you need to make sure and do it with Experian, Transunion, and Equifax.


From Rod S: I’m pleased you mentioned VPNs in this issue… I’ve been using them for a good while now ESPECIALLY if I use public WiFi (i.e. libraries, restaurants, etc). Good issue once again!


A: Glad to hear you’re using Virtual Private Network, I wish more people were doing so. (TunnelBear is the VPN I use and that I talked about last week.)


From Dr. Robert G: I just read the question by the former LEO on third-party defense. Your answer was absolutely correct. I am both an attorney and a 36-year law enforcement officer (professor, author, and former military officer, etc.). I am not representing anyone when I opine on this and anyone concerned should seek competent legal counsel in their State. You were correct when you stated that self-defense and defense of a third-party are common law and, often, statutory defenses.


A: Thank you for sharing as I know that deadly force law confuses many people.


From Al H: My wife and I are taking a Caribbean cruise at the end of the week with several shore excursions. You have indicated a number of times that tactical pens aren’t a problem on planes but do you know if that’s true with cruise ships and shore excursions into foreign countries?


A: I have flown all over the world with my Tactical Pen and gone into court houses, and other highly secure buildings and I’ve never had a problem bringing my Tactical Pen. So, while I’ve never taken it on a cruise, I doubt you’ll have any issues and if I were going on a cruise I would definitely bring mine.


From Rod S: Jason, I’m considering moving from Virginia due to progressive politics…. can you recommend Cedar City as a good place to move to? One of our 3 daughters lives in SLC.


A: I hate to give away the best-kept secret, but yes, I would highly recommend Cedar City. My wife and I love it here. It’s a good small town, no traffic, and people with good values. I have no desire to ever move back to the Washington, DC area after living here.


From Brent A: In regards to all the products you sell online, will they be brought to the escape and evasion course so I can buy any of these from you in person? Thanks.


A: Only a few items will be brought to the course (including the Tactical Pen) so your best bet would be to get the items from our online Spy Store here.


Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

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