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My handwritten goals for 2016

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This Week: My written goals for this year (hopefully you can read my handwriting)… My #1 weapon for dog attacks… Who needs to do a credit freeze… Where to get the 11-in-1 Survival Tool… And, a kind note from a reader.


Call me old fashioned, but I still like to handwrite things. Every day, I handwrite my “to do” list on one of those yellow legal pads. And when I make my New Year’s goals, I handwrite those as well.


I thought you might be able to get some ideas from my goals for 2016 so I’ve posted the handwritten document below. (They’re in random order and I’m still working on them but hopefully you’ll see something you can use.)


To read the goals, click on the document below to enlarge it. Once it’s open, click again to make it even bigger.


(Good luck with your New Year’s goals!)




The Mailbag


From Cindy L: I can’t say enough about your newsletters and emails. In a way they seem like letters to a family member to keep them safe. I appreciate the sense of “care” that these letters convey. It just shows the passion you have for helping others protect themself and stay safe. This is truly a gift to all of us!


A: This is a very kind letter to start off the New Year and it’s much appreciated. I really do try to treat everyone as a family member since the exact information I share with you is what I share with my own family.


From Ken D: Jason, I took the Spy Escape and Evasion class earlier this year in Dulles and LOVED it. I would like to know if you plan for any more courses on the east cost. (Hopefully Virginia area.)


A: Right now, the only course I have planned in the DC area is the Spy course, which can be checked out here. I’ll send out an email if I do any other courses in your area.


From Earl M: There are quite a few dog attacks these days and what would be the best way to defend yourself or protect a loved one from an attack.


A: Personally, I think the gun is the best answer. Dog attacks kill plenty of people each year so I don’t want to take any chances if a dog tries to maul me. Of course, there are other options such as the Stun Gun Flashlight or Micro Spy tool, but my #1 choice is a gun.


From Pierre L: We always take a stun gun with us when we take our dogs for a walk for the same reason. We’ve never had to physically use it on another dog (thank goodness) but have found that dogs really don’t like the sound of it, so just pressing the stun gun’s button while it’s in the air usually makes the other dogs run away (expect your dogs to want to do the same).


A: The sound is intimidating to humans too. If you want to see somebody jump, sneak up behind them and just push the stun gun button (don’t actually “tase” them though) and you’ll definitely get a reaction (and perhaps get hit by them as well.)


From Trevon T: My friend recently told me about the credit freeze so I really appreciate you giving the info needed to get this done because I’ve been wanting to do it. My question to you is do I need to do separate credit freezes for each agency for my wife and I?


A: Yes, you and your wife each need to do a credit freeze for the three different agencies. (Each person who has a social security number needs to do their own freeze, this includes children too.)


From Debbie F: Hi! I had gotten the 11 in 1 credit card tool from you, I believe. I couldn’t find it on your store’s website. Is this available?


A: Yes, the 11-in-1 Survival Tool is available at our Spy store, right here.


Stay safe,

Jason Hanson


  • Scott says:

    I wanted to order the Micro Spy tool, but the website says it can’t be shipped to Canada. I’m familiar with Canadian weapons laws, and I don’t immediately see an issue. Why doesn’t it ship here?

    • Jason Hanson says:


      We ship our products all over the world and would be more than happy to ship to you. To place your order please e-mail us directly at or call us at (801)512-2545. We can send you a link to make your payment and have the product shipped to you.

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