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Watch me get “tased” by my wife using the perfect gift

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This Week: Watch this video where I fall to the ground after getting “tased”… Why this is an excellent gift for a loved one… The SOS Parachute… The bulletproof panel… And, getting an FFL.


In a moment, you’re going to see a video where my wife “tased” me and I fall to my knees in pain.


Yes, the video is 100% real and here’s why I’m sharing this with you.


Anyone who knows me knows I love flashlights. Some would call me a flashlight junkie. And while I do already own multiple flashlights I’m all about gear that serves more than one purpose.


And that’s why I love the flashlight I’m going to share with you. It’s a regular LED flashlight with a bright beam so it’s perfect for keeping on your nightstand or in your glove box or any number of places.


But this flashlight is also a heavy-duty stun gun. It’s the perfect self-defense tool for the person who doesn’t carry a gun or a knife… or in addition to carrying a gun and knife.


This flashlight has a huge intimidation factor, plus if you actually use it on someone they’ll keel over in agony (trust me.)


So without me wasting anymore time and delaying you seeing the video (which makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it) below is the video which shows the flashlight + stun gun that I use.


It’s the perfect gift for any family member… especially those who may be walking across a college campus late at night… or those leaving work late and having to walk through a dark parking lot.


Here’s the video of me being tased…



I’ve given this flashlight as birthday and Christmas gifts to several of my family members. If you’d like one too you can get one from the Spy store below.


Click here to go to the Spy Store and get the Self-Defense Flashlight and Stun Gun.


This Self-Defense Flashlight and Stun Gun comes with a sheath so you can wear it on your belt if you wish, it’s also comes with a charger as you can see in the picture below.


Click here to get this flashlight.


Stay safe and don’t use this on any family members who you ever want to talk to again.


Jason Hanson


P.S. Click here to go to the Spy Store and see this self-defense gift.


The Mailbag


From Michael M: Why do you carry a .380 instead of the P290 or P938 (9mm)? Why do many people have more than one carry gun?


A: I carry a .380 when I’m carrying a pocket gun since they’re smaller and can easily fit in a pocket. I have multiple carry guns because I love guns and which gun I carry depends on what I’m doing and where I’m going. This is why you might find me carrying a Springfield 1911, Sig Sauer P226, or Sig Sauer P238, to name a few.


From Karl E: I ordered a bulletproof panel… I was notified that the panels were on back order.  Please advise me as to when I should be expecting it.  Thank you for your great products and book!


A: All panels have shipped via Priority mail and if you haven’t gotten yours already you should have it today.


From Kayla M: I work on the 32nd floor of a high-rise building and have been thinking a lot about how I would respond in the event of a terrorist attack. There aren’t many options when you’re up this high. Have you heard anything about the SOS parachute? I would love to get your take on it…


A: I have heard of this and to me it seems like too much could go wrong, plus if people were under pressure they might not put it on and/or execute the device properly. What I recommend is having a flashlight (and whatever weapons you’re allowed) at your desk. If anything seems out of the ordinary, make for the exits immediately. On September 11th, people didn’t initially evacuate because management came over the speakers and told them to remain in their offices. Ignore what anyone tells you, trust your gut, and make for the exits immediately.


From Paul H: Hi Jason. As an author of crime and thrillers, I find the info you provide here very useful. Regret, living outside the USA, there’re certain items I can’t avail of. Nevertheless, I compliment you for doing good service to us lay people. Thanks and regards.


A: It’s certainly interesting the number of authors who’ve taken my training over the years because they write crime thrillers. Also, since you’re living outside the country I hope you at least have a tactical pen and maybe even the Self-Defense Flashlight I mentioned today.


From Evie H: If I join the membership club, do I have to stay a member for a certain amount of time or can this be cancelled at any time?


A: You can cancel anytime you wish, but I doubt you will after seeing the value in the monthly newsletter, gear review, training video, and more. Click here to sign up now and get some free gifts.


From Michael H: How much does getting your FFL cost?


A: To get your Federal Firearms License (FFL), which gives you the ability to buy and sell guns as a dealer, it’s $150 for three years for the type of license that I have and that most people get.


  • Tom Stafford says:

    Hi Jason, I’ve been trying to find a holster that is comfortable for me to ware. I find it very uncomfortable to have anything hanging around my waist, I currently use an ankle holster, but, to be honest with you, I am physically challenged and if I really had to draw my weapon quickly, it would be quite difficult to do so with any speed.

    As a result, I am considering a shoulder holster, but all the ones I find are of the horizontal style and one of the first rules of gun handling is to not point your weapon at anything you are not willing to destroy. So much for the people standing right behind me. If you know what I mean.

    My usual carry piece is either my Glock 30, 45 APC, or my Taurus 9mm.

    Any suggestions??


    • Jason Hanson says:


      It seems like you’ve put some thought into this and have at least a fair amount of experience. Is there a reason you’re not considering a hip or waist carry? This is such a personal decision that I can’t really make any recommendations other than to find a firearms store that sells a large variety of holsters and test out what works best for you.

      Stay Safe!

  • Julie says:

    wow, looks like she hardly touched you

  • Shooterkirk says:

    @tom stafford: Tom, I also ankle carry my modified Glock 43 because my daily uniform is slacks and a dress shirt. For summer time wear with shorts and a t-shirt I use a Falco, custom, monogrammed cross draw holster.Comfortable in the appendix carry, easy to slide to the side for sitting or driving.
    I also have a shoulder holster in the “Dirty Harry” mode, pointing down, only if I was wearing a coat or suit jacket for my .357 magnum or Glock 22 (40 caliber)
    Whichever holster you choose, there is NO substitute for practice, practice, practice.

  • steve gross says:

    FYI – Years ago, in the 90s, a guy wrote a letter into the radio show Coast to Coast with Art Bell Show. George Noory hosts it now. It was about this guy who bought a taser for his wife but thought he would test it first.
    Art Bell read the letter on the show. It was incredibly funny. I might still have the MP3 file
    if you’d like me to find it and send it.

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