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Will the Average Citizen Wear a Body Camera?

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This Week: Always walking around with a body camera… The type of camera you may want to check out… Good ammunition for your revolver… Gun cleaning… And, a decent alternative to a security camera for your front door.


In the 1990s we started seeing cameras on the corner of every building, on top of every streetlight, and many other public places. At first, people were caught off guard by these cameras but as a society we have become used to seeing cameras everywhere in our lives.

Body Camera

The fact is, we’ve got glasses with built in cameras and it’s becoming more popular and accepted for police to wear cameras on their body as well. But, since we’re becoming a society of cameras will we ever see the day where the average citizen wears a body camera and captures everything they do during their day?


I think we will see this day, much to the horror of a lot of folks, including me. I think in the next 5-10 years we’ll reach a point where having a body camera becomes as popular as having the latest iPhone.


After all, people will want to wear body cameras to catch video of a dangerous driver or a crime being committed. However, what about when people lose their wallet or keys? They’d be able to go look at the video from the day and see where they last had them.

Body Camera

Or, what if you work for a company that wants details about what you accomplished for the day? They could make you share the video of what you completed on your computer. There are many different ways that wearing a body camera could be used in our daily society.


Personally, I’m not interested in wearing a body camera anytime soon. I think it’s yet another erosion of privacy. Plus, I have no desire to see what others are doing throughout the day.



Even so, I have been asked about this a lot and do know many people who are interested in a wearable camera. If you’re one of them, below are a few quick tips to consider before you go out and buy one.

Body Camera

First, make sure you try on a wearable camera before you decide to purchase it. Some cameras can be built into a pair of glasses while others can be clipped to the front of your shirt. Whichever you choose, make sure it’s comfortable.


I have worn cameras that are clipped to my sunglasses and I didn’t even know they were there. If you want a basic camera that clips to your shirt you can check out the Muvi brand of cameras. (They sell for about $200.)

Body Camera

Second, keep in mind that there are many different options when it comes to these cameras including night vision, record time, battery time, and memory storage. Make sure you know what you want before you get roped into a bunch of options you don’t really need.


Third, if you choose to wear a camera make sure you are following the laws in your state and are not invading anyone else’s privacy.


The bottom line is, I shudder to think that we’re approaching the day where people will walk around 24/7 with cameras attached to their body, but the truth is, we’re getting there fast.


The Mailbag


From Karl B: My local gun shop is recommending the S&W 442 38 special revolver and Ruger LCR 38 Special revolver. They say almost everyone that works in their shop carriers one of these (38 special) in a pocket… but I can’t help but be concerned the smaller .38 round could take more than one round to stop an assailant.


A: The S&W 442 is a great gun and I own one myself. The Ruger is also solid. If you get one of these revolvers I would recommend the Speer Gold Dot +P short barrel ammo. These guns will definitely stop an assailant with multiple shots. The fact that it would take multiple rounds is not an issue because unless you have perfect bullet placement most pistol caliber rounds will take more than one round to stop an attacker.


From Robin B: If you weren’t already aware, consider the video doorbell. In my opinion, this is a great addition to any home’s security plan. Affordable, easy to install and use, and handles the situations you described nicely.


A: Thank you for sharing this. It’s a great alternative for someone who doesn’t want to get a security camera.


From Leo G: My wife and I travel for business all the time and she liked my pen so much that she took it with her. I ordered two more today but I have a trip on Friday and would love to have a replacement pen on me when I go. Can you please help me by shipping my order via FedEx…


A: I have the same problem where it seems every relative of mine is constantly taking one of my Tactical Pens. I’ll make sure your pens get shipped today and that you’ll have them in time for your trip. (To order more Tactical Pens, click here.)


From Matt W: Mr. Hanson I purchased your eBook about opening up retirement gun business.  Really great information.  My question is about the gun cleaning services. What is a $30 gun cleaning? I mean pistols, rifles and shotguns what do you consider is a good enough cleaning to charge $30?


A: What I consider to be a $30 cleaning is field stripping the gun, using a brush to clean the receiver and all the “nooks and crannies”, running the bore brush down the barrel, cleaning the barrel, and then properly lubricating the gun before you re-assemble it. Depending on the gun, it will take you 30 minutes to an hour per cleaning.


Stay safe,

Jason Hanson


  • Cheryl L. Muzzy says:

    I live in a effensy apartment. Would like to know what security system would be best for a small apartment? Where can I get some of your products?


    Cheryl L. Muzzy

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