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This Week: Items you need for a crisis and what to do for your family when it happens… A good rifle if you can’t own an AR… How to make extra income selling guns… And, a nasty picture of a knife cut.
This past weekend, I held the Advanced Survival Tradecraft course ( in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is a special course I hold once a year that covers covert entry methods, advanced lie detection, hostage avoidance, home defense measures based on CIA safe houses, and a whole lot more.

One of the things discussed is what you should do when the crisis hits. In other words, if you’re at work when a terrorist attack or a terrible natural disaster occurs, what should you do to get to your family?

The first thing you want to do is go get the youngest and weakest members of the family. For me, this means going to school and getting my kids and you want to get the youngest child first. So, if you had a child in pre-school and a child in 8th grade you would go pick up the pre-schooler first.

Also, you and your spouse would both be going to pick up the kids. In a crisis event, you hope for the best but always assume the worst. So, I have to assume my wife is dead and that I need to go pick up the kids. My wife has to assume that I am dead and that she’ll have to go pick up the kids.

Whoever gets to the first child leaves a note for their spouse. This is critical to do. In the bag in my car, I have some Rite in the Rain paper and an Inkzall marker. This marker can write on all types of wet and oily surfaces. I also have Gorilla tape to tape the note to the pre-school door or in some other easy-to-see place.

On this note you will write something such as “Sandy, I got to the school first and picked up Lucy. I am headed to get Tom. Love Jason. 10-13-15, 9:05am.” (Always put the date and time so your family knows when you got there.)

Once you have gotten your kids then you head home or to the designated place you’re supposed to meet the rest of your family (have two of them.) Obviously, if your home or first designated meeting place is no longer standing or safe to enter then you’ll go to the secondary meeting place, which can be a church house, random parking lot, or park. And if the secondary meeting place isn’t safe you’ll go to the third place.

This is an incredibly simple plan that I recommend you talk with your spouse about tonight. In a true disaster, the chaos is going to be extreme and you’ll be grateful you know exactly what to do and the places to meet your loved ones. Plus, don’t forget the paper that writes in the rain, the Inkzall marker, and the Gorilla tape.

And, if you’d like to register for next year’s Advanced Survival Tradecraft course, click here.


The Mailbag

From Jesus P: I have a question how did you become a CIA officer? My dream is to become a CIA officer.

A: Stay out of trouble, get good grades, apply to a lot of different agencies so you can get “in” and get your Top Secret Security Clearance and then transfer to the CIA if they don’t hire you from the beginning.

From Rodney S: Regarding the Postal worker: It’s a darn shame people like this have a job PERIOD when the USPS is currently bleeding money and workers should feel grateful that ANYONE is giving them business with the obvious competition such as FEDEX, UPS, and email. Stay strong, thanks for all you do for us and GOD bless your family Mr. Hanson.

A: You’re 100% right. It is disgusting that some of these government workers have jobs and we can’t get rid of them.

From Mike P: Just picked up your Retirement Gun Guide and couldn’t be more pleased. Excellent information as always. Thanks.

A: It’s a great way to make some extra money and do something you love. (Click here for full details about the Retirement Gun Business Guide.)

From Jay J: I live in NY and as you know, we have very restrictive gun laws since our moronic politicians passed the NY SAFE act. We cannot legally own a typical AR-15. What do you recommend as the best alternative to the AR (I was thinking of the Ruger Mini 14)?  Thanks for any help you could give me.

A: Besides recommending moving, I do like the Ruger Mini 14 and I think that is a great choice as an alternative to the AR.

From Don S: Hi Jason, I know you have recommended a good switchblade-type knife in the past (I just lost mine), and wanted to know if you could let me know what I should get. Thank you for your help.

A: If you’re looking for a more affordable knife, check out the one on my website right here. But be careful because it’s very sharp. (Look at the picture below someone sent me when they accidentally cut themselves opening a package with my knife.) If you’re looking for a more expensive knife (around $200) take a look at the Benchmade brand.
Stay safe,
Jason Hanson


  • Douglas Katt says:


    I’ve been considering the home based FFL. Since it is a federal license are there any restrictions on relocating to another state if it had been obtained while living in NYS?

  • John Houston says:

    Hi Jason,
    My friends and I are debating which is better, manual safety’s or no safety on semi automatic pistols. I remember you saying that many new students fumble with the safety. Would you please remind me and elaborate in your next email?
    Thank you!

  • Marc says:

    Hello Jason, my name is Marc Moore. Thank you for all of the information you are making available to the public and I truly appreciate your mission to help people be accountable and realize that they are responsible for the safety, security and well being of themselves and their loved ones. I mainly wanted to touch base with you on food storage. I know that I have heard you talk about the idea of utilizing the Mormon Church as a possible location for good food and financially prudent for long term storage solutions. My question is, awhile back I went online to research possible locations and prices near Phoenix Arizona. Of course, we are blessed with the nearby Mesa location. Problem was, online there were several places that talked about needing a sponsor if you are not a LDS member. I went online tonight and did a quick search and I didn’t find anything mentioning the need, but I didn’t search very in depth. Unless that stipulation has changed lately and isn’t needed anymore, do you have any ideas about how to go about finding a sponsor? Obviously I am not member of the church, but I am definitely interested in utilizing this solution to maintain at least a year of emergency food rations not just for my wife and I, but also for my parents as well. Thank you for your time and God bless you and your family. Once again, thank you for opening the eyes of so many people and possibly making a difference of so many in an emergency or a disaster. Sincerely, Marc Moore.

    • Jason Hanson says:

      Hi Marc,

      You do not need a sponsor and anyone is welcome to make purchases. I would recommend calling your location to see which days they are open. Here is the Mesa location info:

      Mesa Arizona Welfare Home Storage Center
      235 South El Dorado Circle MESA ARIZONA 85202-1044

      Stay safe,

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