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A Lazy Postmaster and How I Detected Her Lies

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This Week: A postmaster who lies… Another dash cam to check out… Where I keep my food storage… Swimming with a gun… And, a shotgun that’s a solid choice for home defense.


I live in a small town in Utah with one post office. The postmaster there is a horrible person and I don’t say that lightly. I know a former postal worker who retired because she couldn’t take working for this woman any longer.


And when this woman was transferred to Cedar City, multiple small businesses were warned by businesses in her previous area about how bad she is.


In short, she is the epitome of a worthless, lazy government worker who doesn’t like to do her job… and if she were in the private sector she would have been fired in her first week.


So here’s where my issue with her began and what I did about it:

My company ships a lot of packages. When my employees were bringing in these packages she would intimidate and bully them and tell them they were slowing down her system, we were shipping too many packages, and that we could only ship a certain number at a time. (Yes, she actually said this to more than one of my employees even though her job is to ship packages.)


The first time she did this to an employee, a supervisor sent an apology to my company and so I let it go. But last week, we were shipping a lot of packages because of my new book. She harassed one of my employees so much so that they felt uncomfortable going back.


This was the straw that broke the camels back and I was furious that a postmaster was doing this to my employees when she should be rolling out the red carpet for them since we ship more packages than 98% of people in town (according to the very nice front counter postal workers that work at our location).


When I got back home from my book tour I went into the post office and asked to speak with this postmaster. I told her that she’s been harassing and intimidating my employees and this was entirely unacceptable.


I told her that I would give her one chance to shape up or else I was contacting the inspector general, Senator Orrin Hatch’s office, and that there were other actions I would take. I told her I better not hear of her even giving an unkind look to any of my employees.


This woman did what all bullies do. She immediately became a coward and pretended she had no idea what I was talking about and she said she occasionally tries to help customers with easier ways of shipping packages and that’s probably what happened.


This woman doesn’t exactly know what I do for a living so she had no idea that I could detect her lies and that it was obvious she was lying through her teeth.


In fact, one of the signs of deception she was giving was the “freeze.” The freeze means that when a person lies they “retract in their tortoise shell” and don’t move much at all.


Here’s a good example of the freeze, which I share during my Spy course: I was on a plane once when someone clearly passed gas. It did not smell good at all and I found myself looking around wondering where the smell came from


I also noticed my fellow passengers looking around too. However, there was one guy to my left and a few rows up who wasn’t moving in his seat and wasn’t looking around like everyone else. He was frozen and not exhibiting normal human behavior because he was likely the guilty party.


The bottom line is, learn skills to detect lies because they often come in handy… And don’t let anyone intimidate or bully you, especially some deadbeat government worker.


The Mailbag


From Mark B: I wanted to share this with you. I just read one of your newsletters and someone was asking about a dash cam. I currently am using a cam by kdlinks. Here is a link on Amazon for it:


A: Thank you for passing this along to me and everyone else.


From Mark D: Thanks for the info on a year’s worth of food. Could you give us some tips on how to store all of this so that it will stay good? Also some info on rotating the groceries would be great.


A: I store mine in a basement storage room. Most of my food is canned food, the #10 cans, or kept in food grade buckets. All of it is up off the floor on shelves. As far as rotating food, when my family makes our regular meals we just pull the ingredients we need from storage and then replenish as necessary (adding the newly purchased items to the back of the section).


From Margo W: I own 3 handguns, a Glock 19 my CCW weapon, a S & W 22 and a H & K 9 mm. Eventually I want to obtain a rifle.  Any suggestions?


A: Rock River Arms and Colt make good rifles. If you want a top of the line rifle that you can pass on to your grandchildren, check out our Rifle Build class here.


From Bryan M: I was wondering if you had any ideas for concealed carry in a swimming pool or ocean?


A: While I personally don’t carry when I swim, here are my thoughts: Storing the gun in some type of waterproof bag makes it difficult to both carry and access. So, if you want to carry a gun while swimming just carry the gun in a bellyband or something similar and when you’re done, be sure to dry it off very well and give it a thorough cleaning.


From Ken L: Consider the new bull pup style pump shotguns that can hold up to 30 rounds of police style (1/2 rounds) and have picatinni rails for mounting any sight you want. The 1/2 rounds may not penetrate walls and kill your neighbors either.


A: Yes, this is another solid choice for a home defense gun.


Stay safe,

Jason Hanson


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