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The 3 Best Survival Motorcycles

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When all heck breaks loose, roadways will be jammed and travel will be difficult, if not impossible. Since I recommend having adequate food storage and supplies your safest option is likely to stay at home. However, if you have to get out of dodge you need to be prepared to go quickly. One of the best ways to travel during a crisis may be survival motorcycles.

While all different forms of transportation have their advantages here are some great advantages of motorcycles: The majority of motorcycles get excellent gas mileage. It’s very easy to find a bike that gets 50 MPG, which could make a big difference if gas stations are jammed or shut down. Even though motorcycles have small gas tanks you can purchase large aftermarket tanks.

Heavy Traffic is why you need survival Motorcycles

The advantages don’t stop there. Another benefit to a survival motorcycle is that you can get through traffic and go where cars can’t. If the freeway is at a standstill you can ride between cars or use the shoulder. Another advantage of survival motorcycles is that their engines are usually pretty simple. You don’t have to be an expert mechanic to make repairs on motorcycles.

Even though motorcycles have a lot of advantages, the biggest disadvantage to any motorcycle is the fact that you have limited space. If you have a large family you would need multiple survival motorcycles to get everyone to safety.

Rokon Trail Breaker

One of my favorite survival motorcycles is the Rokon Trail Breaker. This is a two-wheel drive motorcycle that will climb rocks and go through deep water. This bike has extra wide tires and a ground clearance of 15 inches.

the Rokon Trail Breaker survival motorcycle
The best part of this bike is the wheels. The wheels are hollow 12-inch aluminum drums. You can put liquid in these wheels and each wheel will hold 2.5 gallons. This is a great way to bring extra water or gas.

However, if you leave the wheels empty they can be used to float the motorcycle. If you are out on a road that has been washed away you could float the motorcycle to the other side and then continue traveling. Also this bike weighs around 220lbs, which is light enough for you to move it around fairly easily.

The only disadvantage to this particular bike is that it has a top speed of around 40 MPH so you’re not going to be flying down the highway at 70 mph. The Rokon Trail Breaker sells for around $7,500 new.

Kawasaki KLR650

Another quality survival motorcycle is the Kawasaki KLR650. This motorcycle has been in production for over 20 years, which means you can find most parts or accessories you need. The KLR has a 6-gallon fuel tank so you can travel over 300 miles on a single tank of gas.

the Kawasaki KLR650 is a great survival bike

This is also considered a dual-purpose bike meaning it’s great for driving on pavement as well as off road. This would be ideal in a get out of dodge situation because it can go on so many different terrains.

The biggest advantage of this motorcycle is that the U.S. military has used them for years. The military edition runs on diesel fuel and averages around 100 MPG. This would be a good option to have in a crisis. The base model of the KLR sells for around $6,500 new.

Christini 450 AWD

A third motorcycle option is the Christini 450 AWD. This motorcycle is also produced for the military and has an all wheel drive system. It is also considered a dual-purpose motorcycle so it’s great for all types of terrain. This bike is made out of aluminum so it only weighs around 300lbs.

Christini 450 AWD motorcycle

One drawback is that the gas tank is only 2.1 gallons so it won’t go as far as the KLR. The Christini 450 AWD starts at around $8,500 but this can go up quickly depending on the upgrades you choose.

These bikes are all great options for both fun and survival. If you truly want a survival motorcycle that will get through the most challenging landscape I would recommend the Rokon. If you want a bike you can ride everyday as well as use in a crisis situation the KLR or Christini are a more viable option.

Either way, a motorcycle could keep you a lot safer if you have to get out of a disaster area. Plus, as actor Dan Aykroyd once said, “You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle!”

The Mailbag

From Bob O: What refill does the tactical pen take?

A: The Tactical Pen takes the Parker QuinkFlow Ink Refill for Ballpoint Pens. You can get these at any office supply store. (You can also get more Tactical Pens here.)

From Brian P: What country did that police mishap happen? If it was Mexico, why would any clear thinking American go there unless they really had to? Such a corrupt & dangerous place.

A: Unfortunately, I’m not permitted to name the country I was in. However, you’re 100% right about Mexico. I avoid that place like the plague.

From Taynya B: Just curious, but do you have one-on-one or could we get a group of people together for the E&E Driving course?

A: I do host private groups that have a minimum of 10 people. Go to for full details about the course. Then send an email to if you would like to set up a private group training.

Carl H: What gun do you carry?

A: These days, I mostly carry a Springfield 1911 and a Ruger LCP. For home defense, I’m currently using a Sig Sauer P226.

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

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