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3 Concealed Carry Drills to Practice

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This Week: Pictures of the 3 drills to practice… What handgun should a woman get for home defense… The list of items for the Escape & Evasion Gun Belt… And, what to take on planes.


This past weekend, we held the Ghost Concealed Carry Course out at Spy Ranch.


We had a great group of shooters who went through numerous drills over the two-day course and they accomplished some shooting feats that would be hard to believe unless you were there.


And while it would take me pages upon pages to share every concealed carry drill we did, I do want to share with you 3 drills that I think everyone who carries a gun ought to practice.


Cover and Evacuate Drill


Most of us aren’t alone 100% of the time. This means that when we go to a restaurant or go to the movies we’re often with a loved one such as our spouse or children.


Well, if I ever get attacked by a criminal or find myself in an active shooter situation you better believe I’m going to put myself between the attacker and my loved one and I’m going to protect them as I try and get them out of the danger area.



This drill starts out with you and your “loved one” standing side by side. When I give the command “threat” you draw and fire at the threat one-handed while moving backwards and using your other hand to get your loved one out of harms way.


This is a good drill to practice because it incorporates one-handed shooting, moving and shooting, and getting else someone out of harms way. You can also practice this “dry fire”, which means with a safe and empty handgun you can simulate this in a safe training area.


Stairs Drill


The next drill is the Stairs Drill. In the picture below, you can see that we simulated that you’re shooting down a long stairwell so maybe you’re in an office building or you live in a Tony Montana-sized mansion.


This drill is great to practice because if you’ve never shot down at an angle like this before you’ll soon realize it’s not as easy as it looks. Plus, there are no guarantees in life that if you ever come under attack that the attacker is going to be level with you.


6-Steel Target Drill


In the picture below you’ll see six, six-inch steel plates, set up in a row.


In this drill, you want to knock over all six plates as quickly as you can. This drill teaches you how to transition and quickly take down multiple targets. After all, rats travel in packs so if you ever have a home invasion or some other incident there will most likely be multiple attackers you’ll be forced to deal with.


If you can’t make it out to a live-fire pistol course then you can simulate all of the drills above with dry fire practice and also with laser trainers. And, if you carry concealed, you owe it to yourself to practice these types of drills because you never know what type of situation you might find yourself in on a fateful day.



The Mailbag


From Kristy S: I am a 52 yr old female who wants to purchase my first gun ever as a way of protecting myself and my home. What recommendations do you have for me?


A: A lot of women love the Glock 19, including my wife. However, the most important thing to do is to go to a range that rents guns and try several out for yourself. Since everyone has a different finger and hand size you need to find the gun that’s most comfortable for you (not the guy behind the counter).


From Cesar G: Just received my survival keychain & quickly tested it out. Wow! You could do some major damage with this little thing. I keep mine in the center console of my truck, you know just in case. 😉


A: You are right. The survival keychain has a large ball bearing in it, which is why it makes a great self-defense tool. (Get a Free survival keychain here.)


From Karl B: Jason, I keep my credit card knife I got for Joining the Alliance in my wallet. Will it make it through TSA screening?


A: The credit card knife is a real knife and so is not allowed on planes. (I do know a ton of people who get past security with them but I would not recommend trying this.) For planes, I always have my Tactical Pen and survival keychain.


From Adam L: Jason, do you think your survival belt will pass airport security containing the items you described in your video?


A: I always fly while wearing the Escape & Evasion Gun Belt. The only two items I have to remove before I head to the airport are the matches and utility blade. Everything else is allowed on a plane. (Click here to see the list of items in the E&E Gun Belt.)


Stay safe,

Jason Hanson


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