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How to Choose a Place to Disappear

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This Week: The size of the city to choose when disappearing… A list of states that make good candidates… Protecting your important documents when traveling overseas… And, how to use the survival keychain.


I often do consultations for people who want to better protect their privacy or who want to disappear and start over again. Some folks simply want less government intrusion in their lives and want a brand new start, while others are trying to get away from an abusive spouse.


And while it takes a lot to disappear and start over, today, I want to focus on choosing the place to go and share with you one of the biggest myths about figuring out the best new area for you to live.


Thanks to Hollywood, many people believe they need to leave the U.S. and find some “super-secret” overseas destination to disappear. This is definitely not the case and for most of the people that I consult with I recommend staying in the U.S.


Ideally, you want to find a town with a population that is about 25,000 to 50,000 in size. You don’t want a town that’s too small because then you’ll stand out and won’t be able to blend in.


This small town should be in a conservative state where people don’t ask a lot of questions, they respect other people’s privacy, and it’s not a “big government” type of place. Think of small towns in places like Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana.


Like I just mentioned, the reason you want to relocate to a small town in a conservative state is because you can get a job or rent an apartment without going through a lot of “red tape.”


For instance, try and rent an apartment in a place like New York City and they want 25 forms of ID, a DNA sample, and a copy of your family tree because the government requires it.


However, in these small towns, you can go to a mom and pop property management company, and rent a place to live without needing to give your social security number or showing a bunch of ID (often none at all) as long as you have a cashier’s check with the first and last month’s rent.


Living in these small towns makes everything easier including getting a job without leaving a huge paper trail and being able to live a more private life that most people think is impossible to attain these days.


So while I hope you’re not trying to disappear because of a dangerous family situation, if you are looking to get more privacy in your life consider using the above information as a beginning checklist of where you’d like to go to get it.


The Mailbag


From Joslyn W: I REALLY REALLY want to take your class!! I wish you were offering it one more time this year other than the one in DC since I won’t be able to make that one. My husband will be deploying next February so he won’t be able to make the one in March of next year. If you decide to hold another class sometime this year other than the one in June, please email me dates.



A: Unfortunately, as of right now, the Washington, DC Spy course is the last one I’m holding this year and it’s already full. But, should anything change I will definitely let you know and send you an email.



From Gregory K: As an international traveler, I was most interested in your newsletter… In that context, I note the IronKey USB drive. On the surface it would appear to have certain operational limitations. Do you believe the Aegis Secure Key 3 – 3.0 Flash Drive, may be a more secure solution?



A: This one is also a good choice. It all depends on what type of device and what operating system you’re using. As long as it works for your particular device, you can’t go wrong with either the IronKey or Aegis Secure Key and your information will be protected well with either one.



From Steve E: Loved the Firearm Retirement Business Guide. Working on putting together packages for the Marketing Campaign. Wanted to know if I could purchase knives, tactical pens, etc. from you and what website I would need to access?



A: I’m glad you enjoyed the Retirement Gun Business Guide ( it’s a great way to have some extra money. To purchase items you can go to or you can call Lisa at 801-512-2545 if you prefer to order over the phone.



From Ray S: Hello, I just received my survival keychain. And it says here it can be used for self-defense and escape purposes may I ask how?



A: If you go to the video here you will see me using the keychain to escape rope and you’ll also see me using it for striking purposes (I strike the hood of a car and put a dent in it.)


Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

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