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What to do once they’re inside (Home Invasion)

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This Week: The gun on my nightstand… What to do if you’re surrounded by home intruders… Breaking in a new rifle… And, how to not look like an easy victim.


In the past, I’ve written about making your home as undesirable as possible to an intruder.


This includes having an alarm sign in your front and back yard… cameras… motion sensor lights… quality locks on your front door (Schlage or Medeco)… and of course, an actual alarm system in addition to the signs.

Home Invasion

But, because of the recent horrific murders of the Washington, DC family (Mr. and Mrs. Savopoulos, their 10 year old son, and their housekeeper) I want to cover what to do once an intruder is in your home.


The fact is, no matter how good our security is, none of us live in the White House surrounded by guards 24/7, which means there’s always the possibility of a home invasion. And if you react to a home invasion incorrectly, you or a family member could pay the ultimate price.


First, it should go without saying that you need to have some way to defend yourself if you hear your front door getting kicked in and you hear people walking through your home.


My choice of weapon is a gun, which I believe is the best self-defense tool. That’s why I keep a gun (in a rapid access safe) on my nightstand. The current gun I have in the safe is a Sig Sauer P226 with a Viridian flashlight/laser combination.

Home Invasion

But, because you should always have a backup, I have an additional firearm in case something happens to the first one. I also have three flashlights sitting on my nightstand just in case the first one I grab to open the safe doesn’t work (even though I test them often.)


If you or a family member doesn’t like guns, then you need to choose something else whether it’s a knife, baseball bat, or golf club, but you should be aware that choices like these require you to be very close to the intruder before you can use them and that obviously puts you at risk. You also need to be prepared to react fast with whatever weapon you choose.


Multiple burglars who’ve been interviewed in prison all say that the first place they go during a home invasion is to the master bedroom. This is because they know the bedroom is where people keep their jewelry, money, rare coins, etc.


So, if you hear your door getting kicked in at 3am the intruder is mostly likely headed right for you, which means you better get that weapon out quickly and you can’t hesitate in using it. (Do dry runs to test your reaction time and make sure your weapon is easy to access in three seconds or less.)

Home Invasion

But, let’s assume a worst-case home invasion scenario, which is what appeared to happen to the Washington, DC family who was murdered last week.


Let’s say that somehow you are completely caught off guard by home intruders and they’ve got your family surrounded in the living room and you’re looking down the wrong end of a gun.


Human nature will tell you to comply with these intruders and do exactly what they say and they will let you go unharmed. It appears this is what the DC family did as they were held for almost a day.

Home Invasion

It’s also what happened to the Petit family (the horrible Connecticut murders that took place several years ago) where they were held for around 10 hours before the mother and two daughters were killed.


I realize that all of us want to be hopeful and we want to believe the home intruder when he tells us he won’t hurt us as long as we do everything he asks. But remember, a criminal is the one promising you this and after you’ve seen their face for hours they’re going to want to dispose of you rather than risk getting caught.


In the recent DC family murder and in the Petit family murder the criminals chose to set the house on fire to kill the families.


My point is, in a home invasion you do not want to sit there with the criminals and do nothing and take their word that they are only going to ransack the house and then go and leave you be.


I don’t care if they’ve got a gun on you or if they’re carrying a machete. If you do nothing the chances of you dying when they are done is extremely high. But if you fight back as soon as you can you have the chance of saving your family member’s lives.


Please take some time to think about this. It’s a mental decision you need to make now that way you don’t question yourself or hesitate if you (heaven forbid) ever find yourself victim to a home invasion.

Home Invasion

You need to be aggressive, you need to fight back… you should never sit there as an easy victim letting the criminals have their way with you because it will probably cost you your life.


The Mailbag


From Armando P: I’d like someone to email me regarding setting up a gun store website if possible.  Have a great day.


A: The information you’re looking for is included in the Retirement Gun Business Guide. Our records indicate you recently purchased the guide so I’ll send you a separate email where you can access everything you’ll need. (Click here for details on the Retirement Gun Business Guide.)


From Steve G: I had a question about whether you recommend any procedure for break-in for the Underground AR-15 that I received from you?


A: Nope, there is no break-in required. You can start shooting and having fun. Any decent AR-15 rifle will not require a break-in period (no matter what the manufacturer says.)


From Bill H: Last night I went to the grocery store about 10 P.M. As I’m walking down one of the aisles I notice this guy comes around the corner. I looked at him and made direct eye contact with him. He completely stopped in his tracks. He looked back towards something and then looked at me again. I maintained eye contact with him. I was not carrying a firearm but I had my tactical pen on me. I placed me hand on my waist and placed a good grip on my tactical pen. I never displayed it or drew it because before I knew it two Las Vegas Police officers grabbed the guy and took him out of the grocery store.


A: I bet that got your heart beating a little faster. I’m glad that nothing happened to you and that for a worst-case scenario you were prepared with your Tactical Pen. Also, good job in maintaining eye contact and not looking like an easy victim.


From Doug S: Is the live training in DC filled?


A: There are two remaining seats available for the Washington, DC Spy course. Click here for details.


From Jared K: Hey Jason, congrats on your business growth. The update on Shark Tank was exciting to watch.



A: Thank you. On Friday, Shark Tank re-aired my follow up story. It has been a huge blessing to have had the opportunity to be on the show.


Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

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  • Barry Brodeur says:

    I have thought of using M80’s lobbed down the stair case to get their attention and discourage their coming up stairs.

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