Former CIA Officer Reveals...

Spy Secrets That Can

Save Your Life

Get Out Alive


It’s always great when I get to demonstrate life-saving techniques on the Harry Connick Show. This time, I was able to work with Harry …


From Jeff V: With all the talk of North Korea detonating a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific, I am wondering if you can publish …


I keep hearing the term “common sense” thrown around the gun debate these days. “Lock your gun away, it’s only common sense.” “There’s no …


As our nation and the City of Las Vegas continue to deal with the aftermath of the mass shooting, many people are searching for …


Recently, the city of Austin, Texas, passed a law requiring all new homes to be built with smart thermostats. For those who aren’t familiar …


There’s a lot of speculation and questions remaining as to what happened at the Las Vegas shooting.  Much of what is being reported doesn’t …


From Richard S: Loved the book and the flashlights. Waiting for the knife to arrive. How do you take the “pen” through airport security? …


In 2016, the United States experienced 19 major floods — a record number for a single year. Of course, this year has been a …


It’s painful to think that a place I visit so often would be home to such a ruthless attack.  But the truth is that …


From Joanna F: I received the SurvFilter, but it didn’t come with instructions. I have: White filter Blue squeeze bottle with short piece of …


I own a quite a few different guns. What can I say? I’m a big gun guy. One of my favorite firearms is my …


We’ve all heard that we need to prepare for the worst. Most do that by making their homes a fortress, ready Bug Out bags, …


Earlier this month, the Eagle Creek Fire broke out in Oregon, so far burning over 40,000 acres. The police have identified a 15-year old …

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