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It may seem crazy, but as we saw during Hurricane Harvey, many people were out of drinking water during a flood.  The problem is …


With more than 6 million people without power because of Irma, I want to share with you the short and simple Blackout Checklist below. …


For many of our country’s brave service members, returning home from serving deployment can be a challenging adjustment. Not only must these individuals return …


It was like the arms dealer shows in the movies. Rows of vendors ready to show off their cool new spy gadgets. OK, so …


From Jan M: Letting your car run in the driveway while it powers your cell phone is an insane idea. You are trading gasoline, …


If I had asked this question a few months ago I would have been told it’s all a conspiracy.  But today, very serious people …


It’s no secret that governments around the world are continuously spying on other nations. Many governments keep tabs on their own citizens as well. …


Like me, there’s a good chance you were affected by the recent Equifax hack of 143 million names. The truth is, after the U.S. …


When it comes to handguns, semiautomatic pistols consistently outsell revolvers and tend to be far more popular with gun owners. Revolvers, however, serve many …


From Jeff H: I just read your back issue, “5 Steps to an Invasion-Proof Home”. Nicely done! I’m a medically, retired police officer with …


A while back, Jason Hanson and I had a short conversation about Ecuador.  We discussed how it’s portrayed as a very safe place and …


Even though there were countless rescuers with boats during Hurricane Harvey, many people were stranded on rooftops for extended periods of time. In fact, …


Hurricane Harvey will end up being the most costly and destructive storm to ever hit the U.S. Initial estimates say the storm will cost …

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